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Friday, February 1, 2008


Isn't elastic a wonderful invention? Since my belly is getting a little bigger each day I was just thinking today that it's a good thing that we have elastic in our underwear. I've always taken it for granted. But, what if our underwear didn't have elastic? That would be SO weird. Try to imagine a pair of underwear without elastic! It would be like a glove. It's funny!!!

So, I image googled "underwear with no elastic" and some interesting things came up. I didn't look too long because there was icky pictures of people in skimpy underwear but, LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!! A pattern to make your own underwear! I'm not much of a sewer but, I'm sorely tempted to get my mom's sewing machine out!
I like how this post started out talking about elastic and ended up talking about underwear.


Reno Wells said...


Jared & Shantell Vidoni said...

Becky you are one of the funniest people I know! This made my day!

Adam & Sarah said...

You are by far the WEIRDEST sister-in-law I have. Not to mention the weirdest PERSON I know! Not that that's a bad think. I love it! Weirdness is definitely a good thing!

Julie J. said...

Haha!!! Let's Make some undies!!!!!

Michael & Cherilyn said...

rebecca jean, you are truly weird...pregnancy has really gotten to you. :)

Guess what? I sewed..well, not undies. But I sewed nonetheless. I made a little baby quilt. You should totally start--it's so fun! I will put a picture on my blog soon.