We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Recent Pictures...

So, we are moving TOMORROW!!! Crazy! And I have an idea. Since, I'll be staying home with Marley once we are in Nebraska, I thought I would take a few weeks to write blogs about all the fun stuff we did this summer. So, stay tuned for plenty of posts to come. In the meantime, here are some recent pictures of our little miss.

This is a picture of Marley in her bassinet. She has loved to be bundled and found it hard to stay asleep if she ever got her hands/arms out of her bundle. She is adapting and finds it much easier to sleep with her hands/arms steadied on the sides of her bassinet. It almost looks like she is trying not to fall out. But, she's just holding her arms against the sides so they don't wake her up.

This is what Marley thinks people normally look like. I have been trying to read a lot more lately and her dad loves to read and so does her aunt Julie who is a reading junkie. Julie has been watching Marley since I've been working. So, Marley joined the club...the book club! (PS - Shantell, I'm pretty sure this is Ethan's book. I was supposed to give it back to you when we had lunch...sorry!)

This is hood blank she has. She liked it...she really did!

I don't know how he knew but, Nathan's grandfather randomly told Nathan that he doesn't take enough pictures of me. It's true...but, how did he know. Nathan is very obedient so, here's one now!
Well, that's it for now. We love you!


The Hungry said...

We love you guys! Drive safe and we can't wait for the summer update.
Love, Aunt Kathy
love the book picture

Jared & Shantell Vidoni said...

LOL! I was just looking at the cute picture thinking oh she has the same book as Ethan :) You can keep it, it's my good bye gift to you and Marley he he he! I'm looking forward to all of your wonderful post. Drive safely!

Whitney said...

BECKY!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE you and will totally miss you!! Drive safely and KEEP in TOUCH!!! (that's more than a request alright??)

Adam and Sarah said...

Cute! I'm SO gonna miss you guys! Good thing we're family though. That means we have to keep in touch forever and always. Ha! :D

Oh and join that party, Adam is hardly ever behind the camera. There's a bazillion pics of him and Amber together but only a handful or two of me and Amber together! :s

Good luck with your moving. Love you guys!

khanley said...

good luck with the move and your adorable daughter! she is so cute, i love seeing pictures of her and you together!

Brian and chelsea said...

ohhhh, cute pics! I didnt know you nicknamed her Marley - that was my good friends name growing up, and I havent met anyone since named that. She is a-dor-a-ble, and you look great! Good luck on that long car drive!

Natasha said...

Good luck driving and be safe. You look great as always and she is so cute!

Jeanna said...

I just found out today that you moved already. Julie was a mess. She is going to miss you something terrible, okay, not you, but Marley. :)

Enjoy Nebraska, go Corn Huskers!

Adrian & Jessica Williams said...

Hey- we know you! Just wanted to say hello! Visit us here:

Hope the move went well and you guys are getting settled in. Life is so fun with babies, isn't it?

Marlayna Wiley said...

I miss mini me!