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Life is great!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Grocery Store...

Marley and I went grocery shopping the other night, while Nathan taught his lab. I saw a few funny things that I wanted to share with you. These made me laugh in my head...ok, some made me laugh out loud and some made me snicker so no one would know I was laughing.

1. There was some dark brown sausage for sale. It was on one of those foam trays and then wrapped in cello...it was seriously coiled up like POO!!! And it looked like POO!!!! I can't believe anyone would buy that...actually it looked like it had been there for a long time...GROSS!

2. I saw a lady smell her hand!!! Ha ha ha!!! Her and her daughter were picking out chicken and she smelled her hand after she put the chicken she selected in her cart! I think it's hilarious to see people smell their hand!

3. Marley was tired and about half-way through shopping I noticed she was just sitting there, in her chair seat, very serious. I looked at her so she could see I was looking at her and I asked, "Why so serious?" It freaked me out when I realized that's what the creepy, dead Joker says. I think it freaked Marley out too because after that she kept fake-smiling and nervous laughing.

4. I bought some Doritos, they were on sale and I like to put chips in Nathan's lunch...something fun and crunchy. Well the flavor I got....Late Night Tacos at Midnight. What? No really that's the flavor name. Reminds me of late night Taco Bell runs, in high school. But, really? A Doritos flavor...I'll let you know how they taste. (Oh goodie, I found a picture online!)
5. Last but not least....I saw a chubby little kid with a shaved head...well, except the top. Well, the top was shaved but not as closely as the rest....you know like a bowl cut buzz style. No that's not the funny part. There was also longer hair around his hair line! Yes, the same length as the top!!! Like if you were coloring and you outlined the picture with your crayon before you colored it in...that's what it was like. Like there was hair left to perfectly outline his hairline. I don't know if I'm explaining this clearly but, it was HILARIOUS!!! After extensive internet image research I found a silly picture of a MAN with a similar cut.

Ok, this one is more funny because this dude is an adult and gets to say how his hair is cut...whereas that little dude in the store probably didn't ask for that.

That's the extent of my/our laughs at the grocery store. Do you even laugh at things at the grocery store?

We love you all!!!


Reno Wells said...

I was laughing so hard Austin came in to see what was going on. That is too funny.

Natasha said...

Man, I miss you Becky! I really needed this laugh today. P.S. I sometimes smell my hand too. Now I'll have to be more careful. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that was me you saw buying the chicken!!

Adam and Sarah said...

Now I'm going to be self conscious whenever I smell my hand!! I didn't realize this was a humorous thing! Ha!
So I totally missed the birthday post (haven't looked at other people's blogs for a couple of weeks). Tell Marley happy bday from the 3 of us! :)
Love and miss you guys!

pillingfamily said...

my favorite is how marley was doing nervous laughs and smile after you freaked her out. aren't you glad you're one of those people who find enjoyment in the most mundane of tasks. it makes life much more more interesting.

Jeanna said...

Those were funny! I laughed out loud about Marley nervous laughing, that was hilarious. And the haircut? Perfect.

We have crazy hair do's down here in Payson, too. They freak me out.