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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Happy Place...

What is a "Happy Place?"

I think, on all levels, it depends on who you ask. Most times it depends on when you ask them...and in what context. It is also SO hard to narrow it down to one or two or even three “happy places.”

SO considering, a "Happy Place" can be quite complicated...if you let it.

I would have to say my top three happy places.... right now....in this context are:

1. Being with my family. I love my family so much! Immediate and extended. Both of my parents have great families. Both of Nathan's parents have great families. We both have great legacies to live up to. But right here, right now, I love Nathan and Marley...my little family. The other day I was walking behind them (place and context to be mentioned later). Nathan was caring Marley and they were both looking SO happy! I thought in my head, those are mine, I love them and they love me! I am so blessed...and happy!

2. Being in nature. When I was walking behind Nathan and Marley (mentioned above) we were out in nature. Marley and I have been helping Nathan with one of his projects for school. He is mapping a large plot of land using GPS. I'm actually going to blog about that experience in the future...maybe when the project is done. But, being out in nature is one of my happy places. I love the prairies. I love the mountains. I love the beach. I just love it all!

I even consider walking down a busy street being "in nature"...there are birds and flowers and trees to enjoy, even on a busy street.

I don't mean to judge but I do not understand the people that are out in the great outdoors...for a walk or whatever and they have an iPOD plugged in their ears. What is more enjoyable to listen to than the real life great outdoors? I am especially perplexed by the mothers who are walking their baby and or other children and they have a personal listening device plugged into their ears. Granted I've only seen this weirdness a few times but, they are totally missing out on the creak creak creak of the stroller. Their babies cooing or gooing. And if their "baby" is bigger...they are missing out on their child's discovery of the great outdoors. The chirp of birds. The ZOOM of the cars! The breeze in the trees. Not to mention if their kids are older and walking beside them…can’t they just talk with their child while taking a nice walk?

Maybe Music is their happy places?

3. Exercise. I hate to stop what I am doing to exercise. I hate to get up early to exercise. Exercising is hard and it makes me all sweaty but, when I'm doing it and especially when I'm done...I feel SO good!...and feeling good makes me happy!

I know all of you have “happy places.” Tell me about them. Please try to limit it to three. It's hard...you'll see.


Anonymous said...

EXERCISE??!!! My happy place is hating exercising!! Ha, good for you! Love you and miss you!

McKell&Janeene said...

I totally feel the same about exercise. I feel so great after... I even like being sore the next day.

Julie J. said...

I love your first happy place too. They are great.

Natasha said...

Such nice happy places. I agree with Amy and Arthur about the exercising...but I'm working on it. :) Miss you!

Corn Husker said...

I'm gonna go with...
1. Moments with Jesse
2. Anywhere away from homework
3. Somewhere near a blooming tree or lilac bush

Sandy said...

1.The lazyboy chair, in the kitchen, watching TV, alone.
2.In my husband's jacked up truck on a road trip to anywhere.
3. Looking out my kitchen windows at my beatiful little grove of aspen trees and the mountains in the back ground.

Jeanna said...

1. I never thought I would say this, but yes, exercise is one of my happy places. I've even started to get out more than once a day....shocker!
2. My 3 peeps, especially when we are sitting in church and everyone is happy and not asleep. I love to see them all shiny and in the right place.
3. Friday night date night with H. Doesn't matter where.

Adam and Sarah said...

So, I'm with your -- being with my little family is my #1 "happy place". But I do have to say, that the walking with your kid in the stroller while listening to music. Not such a bad thing. I did it a few times when I needed a "break". Being outside is Amber's #1 "happy place", and listening to music (or singing it) is my #2 happy place. So some days, it's just nice to do. Although, I will say I didn't do this often because it creeps me out not to be able to hear if someone is coming up behind me. And now that she's older, and she's talking a lot more than she cries, I like to spend that time with her MINUS the music. And I agree with you on this -- when someone is walking with their older child, holding hands and such (no stroller), that is SUCH a good time to bond with/teach your kid. So I don't get the whole ipod in your ears thing during those moments... And exercise? I think you're a tad on the crazy side, Rebecky! ;)