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Saturday, August 29, 2009

I RAN 4 miles!

(this post is dedicated to Sonia G. my own personal Jillian Michaels)
And after I ran....I cried.

I haven't run 4 miles without walking since I was 19 or 20 and my 30 year mark is blaringly insight. So, you can imagine the emotions that were flowing as a result. I've heard people say that running is therapeutic. I know it was when I was in high school, when I took it up during some hard times, even though I didn't really realize it then, it was. Even now in my 30th year I had to be reconvinced. I'm convinced. It's accomplishment, it's exercise, it's thinking, it's outside - if you're lucky. It's many things that, all wrapped up, makes it therapeutic.

The only reason I'm lucky enough to have a personal trainer is because I'm running a race. I have NEVER run a race. Well, just the kind that kids have where someone yells, really fast, "Marks, Get Set, GO!" and someone takes off, leaving others behind in their dust. My first real race will be a relay called Market to Market. The front page to the website says, 86 miles, 21 exchange points, 6-8 person teams, 1 unforgettable day.

Sonia and I have different versions of the story of how I got on the relay team, but this is MY blog, so she'll never get to tell her side....something about I begged her to let me on the team. PLEASE! More like SHE persuaded, NO begged ME!

Maybe it was a little bit of both but, I lean towards my side of the story because she probably wanted a fixer upper, a BIG personal trainer project. Well, she got it.

I started training in March or April, I can't remember. But, it started with an exercise program from Jillian, I MEAN Sonia. It was 30 minutes of non-stop movement and included strength training, cardio, and abs - 3-4 times a week. I really liked it! Well, for the first month, then it got old, but I still did it. And every time I finished that 30 minute routine, I loved it.

In July I started running, 2 miles 3 to 4 times a week - for 2 weeks. I was told not to walk. Some days I didn't....some days I did. Then it changed to 3 miles 3 to 4 times a week - for 2 weeks. Sonia said, "Then by that time you should be back from Utah and you'll be back in my hands." It was just short of a "Muuuah ah ah ah ah!" Hands up by her face, palms facing each other and finger tips drumming finger tips in succession, evil look on her face – eyes squinted menacingly.

Last Thursday I was in the palm of her hand. We went running together. I knew I needed that, because deep down I knew I was running too slow and not pushing myself enough. We ran with strollers in toe....and she pushed me....we ran 3 miles, without walking. It was hard. I loved it.

This is me and Marley toward the end of the 3 miles.

Marley does great. She just sits there and enjoys the ride!

Sonia told me to take Friday off and then run 3.5 to 4 miles on Saturday, without Marley and WITHOUT WALKING. I'm so glad Sonia, at least, doesn't swear at me (like Jillian).

I did 4 miles! That is IF I can trust the mileage markers on the trail...I kind of think it was less than 4 miles, but that's just me.

So, this is one of my major accomplishments this year. Not just the 4 miles today, not just the race but the lifestyle change. Sonia has even convinced me to keep up running and exercising after the race. She's a great trainer.

When I got back from the run today. Natey and Marley greeted me at the door, (I was locked out) where I was crying for joy and accomplishment!

And what to my surprise did I find when I entered our apartment? Nathan was making these!!!!


With freshly homemade strawberry syrup! So delicious!

Marley LOVED them. Nathan and I had 3 each and Marley had 5.

She sucked the syrup out of each bite before she chewed and swallowed. She ate slow and took her time savoring each suck…bite.
This is what her mouth looked like as she sucked.
Always, one hand still in the bowl while the other hand fed the mouth.

What a wonderful breakfast!

PS - I just found this awesome and inspiring clip. I thought it was appropriate. I hope at my relay I remember to listen for encouragement from the side lines and remember that I am never alone. Please watch it...and try not to cry.



Meg said...

Congratulations Becky! That is quite an accomplishment! And running with that stroller makes it twice as hard - it's like you've been running 6 miles, right??! You're awesome.

Corn Husker said...

I am seriously so impressed. Maybe you can be my trainer next. I don't make time for exercise, and I really believe it would help me to focus better and accomplish more in the shorter time I would have to do homework in. So, trainer Becky, where should I begin?

Katie said...

You go girl! That is amazing, so few people can do what you've done and will continue to do! Your such a great inspiration.

Becky said...

Yeah, way to go! Hey you are doing better than me at training :) I am so excited for the race. It will be 'one unforgettable day'!

PS we did beg didn't we?

eden said...

that's awesome! i haven't run for... well... a while. i kind of took a break after the marathon and the 10k that followed. but it wasn't a good thing. i feel so much better when i run regularly. i've been trying to convince myself to start going again - maybe tomorrow? - and i'm considering signing up for another marathon... we'll see.

that relay sounds awesome though! good luck!!!

Jeanna said...

Becky, That is so amazing! I'm in awe, 4 miles sounds like a TON to me. Especially since I ran 3 on Saturday and thought I was gonna die, despite the fact that I've been running 3 miles 3x a week for a while now.

And, I cry almost every single time.

Sconierson said...

Becky, you had me laughing the entire time. I know that I have you in the palm of my hand, but that is because you are so willing. It is great. We will make a real runner out of you before this is all over with.

Shantell said...

Wow Becky that is so awesome!!! I'm so proud of you. You totally inspire me to get moving. Now I need to find me my own sonia