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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Flashback...And then the present....

Once we lived in Salina for a summer.
ONE time we went to the Library.

Mom used the internet while Da-ti and Marley explored.
When mom was done with the internet, she looked ALL OVER the little library and couldn't find her explorers. She finally ended up outside and walked to the front of the library, where she found them!
Marley counting the Red Cars, while Da-ti counted the Blue Cars.

And Marley waxed profoundly about diapers, and naps, and whole milk.
And Da-ti listened.

And then they discovered they had been discovered.


Back to the here and now….

well, this past weekend and then the here and now:

Saturday we went to the Annual Trendwood Ward Pig Roast! We went last year for the first time and it was a blast! That’s where we first got hooked on our friends JJ and Shalantie, though our quiet relationship started before that at Time Warner Cable Co.

Anyway, the Pig Roast had a great turn out both last year and this year! By the grace and due diligence of someone in our ward we even avoided a tragedy. While we were getting read to go and getting ready to put all our precious cargo in The Black Pearl, Marley started to take off for the other side of the parking lot. I freaked because there were lots of vehicles backing out and driving away, so I put the diaper bag down on the ground to run after her. I got my stinker pants and buckled her squirrely tooshie into the car seat. I had put the diaper bag down on the other side of the Pearl so, I didn’t see it, jumped in the car and we drove away.

Didn't realize we didn’t have the diaper bag until we got home. I volunteered to return to the Park while Nathan took Marley in to put her to bed. As I drove I thought of what was in the diaper bag.

No identification…I used to keep a 3x5 card in there with our name, address and phone number…but, it kept falling out and it looked like garbage so I ended up throwing it away.

Marley’s CTR bag with some of her most prized possessions, TOYS! A little lion hand puppet from her cousin Sam and Aunt Julie (SAD! I love that thing!), an old wallet with old cards – just for Marley to riffle through and make a mess of, and her fake keys – so she would stop losing ours. BUMMER!!!


When I got to the parking lot. No diaper bag. I felt sick.

I prayed that someone from our ward picked it up…which I thought was a long shot because we were some of the last ones to leave (PARTY ANIMALS!!!! WOOOT!)

When I got home me and Nate looked online to see if we could find a suitable camera for a good price. No luck. So, I prayed again.

There were a few things I wanted to take pictures of Sunday morning….no camera. Again I prayed.

Sunday after church I went to the chapel to retrieve my husby and daughter (who had crashed – fallen asleep in Nathan’s arms and looked dead). And what did I see by my husby and dead daughter, THE DIAPER BAG!!!

I don’t know who picked it up but, the Bishop held it up in the combined Priesthood and Relief Society meeting and Nathan had to be the poor chump to raise his hand and say it was ours.

I’m so grateful!


I smell a poopie...gotta go change it and then go run. Yesterday I ran 2.5 with no Marley. Today I'm running 3 with Marley. Even though it is harder to run with the Marley, the good thing is when I do, she carries all my junk, keys, phone, water, etc.


Frasure Family said...

It was Brother Hendrix. It was a fun party, we will sure miss the ward. Congrats on running 4 miles! That is awesome!

Julie J. said...

That is the cutest post EVER!

Corn Husker said...

I'm so glad Bro. Hendrix found it! I love the biking pics and commentary. Marley has the sweetest grin.

Natasha said...

Yay, prayer works! Glad you found the bag. Marley is getting so big and is as cute as ever.

Sandy said...

I just love the sweet relationship your husband and daughter have. He is a sweet, sweet man.