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Life is great!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Internet?....Have I told you lately that I Love You?

Who doesn't love the internet? Seriously! The information super highway, it is!

The Story...
Someone, who shall remain un-named, but who shouldn't be touching my iPod, was touching my iPod. For some reason I have been super tired and headachey this week so I was passed out on the couch like a drunk lady (never been drunk, but I've seen passed out drunk ladies on TV and the internet and such and I know you have too...so you know what I looked like). So, while I was passed out, previously mentioned un-named little person played with my iPod. When I found the iPod it was no longer color...I'm mean the screen was now black and white. What? How? And it was frozen on a weird screen I had never seen before. It said, "OK, to disconnect from Disk Mode." What? Disk Mode?

Well, I heard once that if an iPod ever freezes you can reboot it. Actually, I had a friend who had one a long time ago, before I had one and she had to keep rebooting hers. I thought I knew the combination or at least could figure it out. Nothing I tried worked. I started to panick...heavy breathing...remorse for passing out on the couch without putting the un-named down for a nap....you know the usual frustration and guilt.

Then a light went on in my head...the same light that brightens my day on a super regular basis....

I pulled up an Internet Explorer window, clicked on my swagbucks.com button and swagged, How to restart a frozen iPod and I got this! PLUS, 3 swagbucks!!! If you don't want to click on the link....I'll tell you...I got the answer! Hold Menu and the Select Center Button for about 10-15 seconds and bam! Your iPod will reboot!

Not only do I get great information about how to fix my little hand held electronic mp3 listening device, I...

Watch TV shows (which I can't do on my tv, since it only shows snow and DVDs);
Keep current on all my family and friend blogs;
Get directions and even a map highlighting my route;
Get email....isn't email amazing!?!?
Get coupons and learn about good deals (apparently everybody knows I'm a CHEAPSKATE!)
Instant message with my friends around the world - Oyunmaa (Mongolia) and Ida (Norway).
Self Diagnosis...you know my hand disease, which thankfully hasn't been bothering me lately.
I find good recipes that have even been rated for their goodness, in a snap...or should I say in a click click click of my keys.
And much much more!!!

Has the internet saved your life....or the life of something you own or love? Tell me about it.

I love you internet!

PS - do you swag? Wouldn't you like to earn money while you search the internet? Check out my link to the right and sign up to swag through me....it sends a few swagbucks my way. Thank you!