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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

30 years in the making....

I debated on what to call this post...in my head it has been many names. And it was supposed to be ready to post on my birthday….but, no. Oh well. Here are some of the post titles that floated around in my head.

"I'm still alive!" "I made it!" "The more I grow, seems the less I know." "All the Embarrassing Pictures.” and “And So It Goes.”

Maybe those will be blog titles of the next few blogs…because this ONE of a series of posts. Today I’m only posting a few pictures. With scanning and planning and posting…I get bogged down. Plus, it will be nice to have a few blogs rather than just one BIG HUGE ONE! Just know….more are coming.

Is it just me or does everyone feel from a young age, that they will never get old and they will never die? And as you get older you feel older and you think about....well anyway.

This is the first part of my life...and all the school pictures I had. I can think of some REALLY fun pictures I want to post...but I don't have them....my mom must have them.

Anyway, here you go….enjoy.


1st grade
I think 3rd Grade
AHHH!!! Belly shirt!
My friend Carol and I made up a dance to a Paula Abdul song, for our 4th Grade Banquet.
Get ready for it! TA-DA My Sally Jessy Raphael glasses! And my ice cream flavors shirt?
I was hip! (4th grade)
YIKES! Purple Poison.
My friends in 5th grade. Christine (back left) and then Han and Han. Which of these things are not like the other! I loved them! They were great friends!
5th grade
Blue Attitude.
7th Grade
The Her-icanes.
Graduation day! From Jr. High. With Grandpa Alger!
Jump to my Junior Year
And Senior Year

You're welcome!!!!


The Hungry said...


Julie J. said...

haha! I haven't ever seen some of those pictures. And the third one down on the left in the very first batch of baby pics looks a lot like Marley Parley Pants.

Sarah said...

promise me youll never wear that orange flowery dress ever again! lol.... happy birthday! im so proud of my daughter

Nick said...

what a LOT of work!!! awesome!

Katie said...

look at you, you little hottie! you still look great! i loved the pics, it's so fun to see what each of us looked like back in the day!

Meghan said...

Becky you are gorgeous! I love the pictures :)

Sandy said...

What are you girls complaining about? At least you had clothes to wear :)

Sandy said...

What are you girls complaining about? At least you had clothes to wear :)

Julie J. said...

I don't know what the sarah person is talking about. That orange flowery dress was cute then and it's cute now. What the heck?

Frasure Family said...

Happy Birthday! Those are some great photos. Your hair looks so red back when you were younger!

Shalantie said...

you did it! that looks like it took a lot of time. They were all so fun to look at! I can't wait for all the others.

Jeanna said...

Great pics....but I LOVE your seniors....so pretty and timeless which is nice! Of course one day Marley will tell you how weird you look in them, but that is just because she'll be young and not know better.

Corn Husker said...
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Corn Husker said...

I love those pictures. Although your hair has definitely changed and the sweet glasses are missing, I think you look so similar now. I am not surprised to see you've always been gorgeous.

Gregg said...

Darling, Darling girl....cute as a pixie, although I think you stole my glasses from the 5th grade in the picture with the red striped shirt... No those couldn't be mine they don't have rhinestones in the corners....Love you, Aunt Jan

Cramer Clan said...

Your posts are so fun. That is a good idea to post your growing up pics. I am pretty sure I have said this before, but I'll say it again. I love how you blog and write because it is YOU! And you are so stinkin fun. Here is something else I have already said also: Thanks for blogging! Love it! Keep it up!

Lilianne said...

Um, sweet pictures, Beck! Happy Birthday, awesome lady. Love the picture of Jan. So rockin'.