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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why? Why Not!

Nate and I had been craving Cheesey Balls since we saw The Office where Pam, Ryan and Michael keep throwing them in each others' mouths.
So, we finally got some and one day, soon after, I saw this:

The Cheesey Balls by the glass cake thingy. And I thought, that would be fun to make the cake thingy into a bowl thingy and put the Cheesey Balls in the cake thingy.

No. Not like that. Like, pour them in!
So, one day. I did! Why not!
Doesn't it look like it's fit for a party?

I ate WAY too many!

I thought doing this would keep them from going stale.

Nope. The next day they were stale.
Lucky for us, we had eaten A LOT, only about a dozen went stale. Sacrificing a dozen was worthy it for the purpose of testing to see if the cake thingy locks in Cheesey Ball freshness.
Now we know....it doesn't.

Oh well, it was fun for awhile.

My next question....
Why turn your Jeep Cherokee into a Jeep Wrangler?
(Saw this beauty at Home Depot today.)
Why not! And load all the kids up in it!
(TWO car seats in this puppy! Fun!)

Why let your daughter play with the duster?
Why not!
She is a seriously hard worker. Loves dusting and putting stuff in the garbage. Why not let her help while she is willing!

Why does Marley like shoes on, first thing in the morning? Who knows, but when it's combined with a furry coat?

Why not!



Witten said...

that close up picture is sooo cute! you can almost see Blue Steel

Natasha said...

Fun post. I love those cheesy ball things too! I like your haircut- you have bangs now!

Sarah said...

Your funny!! Cheese balls seriously go stale that fast in the dumb bag anyways!!! I find if you don't eat them immediately.... They are gross!! So eat away my friend ... Eat away

Corn Husker said...

What a delightful post. If you could just keep up with these daily posts I would greatly appreciate it. I need something to entertain, intrigue, and enlighten me between writing papers and reading text books.

Cramer Clan said...

You really know how to enjoy a red neck treat with class :) You must have lived in Montana or something!

Have you seen the mondo jar of cheese balls they sell at Costco? How about you come and we'll eat them together! Come visit us sometime!

Brendan & Jessica said...

Now I want some cheese balls!

Anonymous said...

So....when were you gonna tell me Marley inherited that whole shoes and furry coat on in the morning thing from her cuz Amy??!!! That was friggin' hilarious. I love that girl. I love you. Shoot, I love cheese balls!!

Brian and chelsea said...

Very fun post. Glad you are keep yourself entertained :) Gotta stay sane.... WHY NOT :)

Sandy said...

As I was scrolling down, I thought, dang, how did she get a picture of me sitting in front of the cheesy thingies.

The Hungry said...

That was going to be my comment! I'm serious! I think Becky looks just like teenage Sandy! If Becky had a thick fabric head band on it really, really would look like teenage Sandy.

fun post by the way

Reno Wells said...

She puts her shoes and coat on and is ready for the day!

Sean Brittani & Mara said...

I am freaking cute! Seriously, why not?? haha, mara does the same thing with cleaning and with shoes! must be their age?!?!

Gregg said...

you look just like your mother did at your age in the picture where you are eating the cheesyballs. Love the picture of Marley in her shoes and bathrobe....Aunt Jan

Julie J. said...

I love this post. Clever!