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Life is great!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good News and Bad News

Good News:
We got invited to a party!

Bad News:
It was our awesome maintenance man's retirement party.
(Bad news for us...good news for him.)

Good News:
They had THIS at the party!!!!
(Five Layer,ChocolateMouse,ChocolateChip,Cream Cheese Frosting Cake of Divine Goodness!)

It was also cool because the General Manager guy made a speech before he gave Tom his retirement gift and the told us a lot about the history of the apartments we live in. The apartments are 25 years old and the land used to be a chicken farm. There was a farm house on the northeast corner of the property. The GM was directly involved in the building of the apartments. This complex has only seen two property managers and both were a couple. Tom and Judy are the second and they have been doing it for 20 years! Good news Judy is not retiring...YET!
Good News:
After studying and researching laptops since Nathan started grad school he finally ordered one on Saturday! His current laptop is very old and very useless. He finally found an acceptable price for what he deams acceptable in bells and whistles. And one of the deciding factors for finally ordering it on Saturday was because they were having a Labor day sale so we got $50 off!
THIS is on it's way!

Bad News:
Today we both got an email from Toshiba with THIS in it!
Excuse me! They extended their Labor Day sale AND they took another $50 off!
Good News:
I called Toshiba and told them our situation and asked if we could cancel and then reorder. They said they would just adjust our price. No need to cancel and reorder! $100 off baby!
Good News:
ShopKo had a sale on running shoes.
Nathan suggested I get some new ones since
A) They were on sale and
B) I needed some real bad.
Bad News:
I got new shoes on Saturday and on Monday I hurt my foot!
(not the best pictures, they don't do the injury justice, but I think you get the idea)

Nathan and I Labored on the holiday and Nathan built me shelves in our garage. They look great (forth coming blog). After working on the shelves all morning and into the afternoon we decided to take a break and eat and then put Marley down for a nap. I WILL not leave our building while Marley is sleeping even to work in the garage, (paranoid?) so Nathan stayed in the apartment and I went back out to organize all our junk and put it on the shelves. Just as I was finishing up I decided I would clean out and set up the bike trailer so it would be set up and ready in case Marley and I want to just hit the trail sometime. Well, I lifted it up and I was shaking it out to remove dirt and leaves. As I was thrusting it toward the ground it slipped from my hand and slammed down directly on top of my left foot. It instantly started swelling so bad that when I put any pressure on it, it felt like it was going to explode. So, I sent Nathan a text and told him I hurt my foot and I needed help. He was picturing the shelves had fallen on me (there is no way, they are so sturdy). He had to carry me into the house...I'm so glad he is SO strong...I am H.E.A.V.Y. It was kind of embarrassing too. There were peeps, neighbors and such outside. Nobody we know, but still.

Good News:

Marley is well and happy.Sometimes she looks a little crazy.
But, she is well.

Bad News:

It's raining so, no playdate at the park. BOOO!!!

Good News:

The hills are alive with the sound of music!

(Marley loves this movie, she loves the music and the kids)


Julie J. said...

Marley is so cute, sitting on her couch and using the arm as her little seat. She's so little and precious and I love her hair in the back, and her adorable pink shirt and her tiny rolled up jeans. And she's so busy with her toys... I think I'm starting to cry!

Alissa and Victory said...

OH sorry about your foot. Thats sad...is that going to hinder you participating in the race? As I was scrolling down the pictures, I saw the couch and I thought to myself, "That couch looks familiar". It took me a few moments to remember why it looked familiar to me. Totally forgot!

Corn Husker said...

I'm so sad you hurt your foot. OUCH! It looks like you need some brownies or something. That always makes me feel better. Maybe the apartments still have some of that 5-layer cake around.

I think Nate will love his laptop. I have a Toshiba Satellite as well, and no complaints! Woot woot! It will be nice for you to have 2 computers as well in case you both need to work on it at the same time.

Kerra 'n' Josh said...

Love it! Not the hurt foot but love seeing pictures of you guys! I miss you lots hope all is well... Good luck with your foot... Grrr dang shoes... :)

Michelle said...

Wow, your foot looks horrible :( But I loved hearing about all of your good news :) ANd I'm so proud of you for your crazy running accomplishments-- you're amazing!!

Sandy said...

My little babushka.

Natasha said...

Marley is so cute, as always. Good deal for the computer. And all your other good news. I'm sorry about your foot, it looks quite painful. Hope you recover fast! (P.S. I just turned 28).