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Life is great!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Your Mid-Week Update!

How smooth are you?
Can you guess what is in this smoothie?

One week ago tomorrow we had the Missionaries for dinner. It was fun we love feeding them! It brings back the memories of being a missionary and eating with the members.
This is Elder Warby from Washington and Elder Bjornn from Arizona.
They are excellent servants of The Lord.

Marley is becoming a handful. She is very busy and wants to be SO independent. She wants to dress herself (but she can't), she wants to change her clothes often (but she can't), she wants to feed herself and she is doing a pretty good job. But, since she is still learning she has to take a lot of baths. She loves to lay down like this.
Sorry. I can't get this picture to turn.
When she sits up she has a duck tail. Wooohooo!!!
My foot is healing. I am still working toward running in the race. Today I walked 2 miles and it was the first time since the Incident of 2009. It wasn't bad unless I was going down hill and then it was hard not to let me foot jar on the ground. That hurts. I hope to run a mile before Sunday.

The bruising got worse before it got better. It looked the worst last Thursday and Friday. Still the pictures don't do it justice.

And here are the awesome shelves Nathan built in the garage!
My handsome hunk organizing his tools and building a shelf for inside the apartment.
Natasha gets 12,000 points for noticing I have bangs. She mentioned it in a comment. She is so awesome and very observant. I hope she feels validated (click on her name and you'll see why).
However, the bangs often get barretted back. It's so hot and humid sometimes that I just can't handle them sticking to my face. And other times I just feel like I look too much like a country music singer...it's the bangs.
Since I've been hurt. Marley has been feeling left out.
So, I wrapped her head in the ace bandage.
She loved it. You know how she loves hats!

We love you all!
Here have a smoothie! These ones don't have spinach in them...but, they are just as delicious!


Julie J. said...

I can't believe you guys have so much stuff in you garage! That bruise is serious! And I love marley, even though it looks like she just got a lobotomy.

Sandy said...

Do those smoothies have flour and dehydrated onions in them. Weighing....hummmmm.....spinich....onions in my drink.

The Hungry said...

The bangs! Is that why you look so much like your mom now?

Shalantie said...

hmmmm... not sure if I would drink that green smoothie. lol, maybe I would. Hey nate did a great job on those shelves. I bet it feels SO much better to have everything organized and off the ground.
And your bruise just keeps getting darker and darker. your so brave to keep preparing yourself for the race... if it were me, I would use my foot as a good excuse to back out of the race. lol. that's just cause i dislike running. Anyway thanks for the mid-week update!

Natasha said...

Wow, Becky! You're the best! :) I'm so sorry about your foot. It definitely looks very painful...I hope it heals soon. Nathan did a good job on those shelves, they're very nice. And Marley is as cute as ever and getting cuter in every post! Oh, and you should send me the recipes for the smoothies, they look delicious.

Jeanna said...

We had "shamrock" smoothies at my SIL Renee's house one time. Filled with banana and OJ as well, never tasted spinach and the kids DRANK EVERY DROP.

Reminds me, I should buy some spinach ASAP.

Love Marley, such a gorgeous girl!

pillingfamily said...

i love babies in bathtubs. so cute.