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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

We went to Yellowstone last year, the end of July 2010 to be a little more exact. We went and "camped" with my parents in their trailer. It was so fun and so beautiful!

Our entire family, on my mother's side, is having a huge reunion in Yellowstone, in about 13 days. We will probably be the ONLY ones not there.  But, graduate school, no job for 9 months and then moving across several states, twice, broke the bank. Our family totally understands us not being there and have been so supportive and loving.

I never boasted, I mean posted, about going to Yellowstone last year, so I decided now would be a good time and it's our way of "being" in Yellowstone again this year.

So, family, now you can say you saw us in Yellowstone this year!
Can't wait to see you there too...when you send us/post all the pictures!

 Lots of driving in the park so make sure you have something to keep the kids busy in the car.
 I love Lodgepole Pines...even crispy ones.
 I love the wild flowers in the park. We bought a package of assorted wild flower seeds while we were there and we planted them in our backyard here in Michigan. Two kinds have bloomed so far. I will post a picture of them when more of them bloom.  Make sure you get a package to plant at your home! Beautiful!

 While we waited for Old Faithful to erupt a scout troup...mostly the scout leader got the wave going. 
It was fun!



Marley loves to walk like Grandma Alger, with hands on hips or crossed behind their backs.

 A ghost in an old car. I swear that creepy looking lady wasn't there when I took the picture!
Ok, maybe she was there when I took the picture...but, still, creepy.

Love those wooden boardwalks!


Marley read all the signs for us.




The restaurant where we used to live. I didn't take a picture of the motel...it just looked too different.


 There you have it. Now, don't you feel like you've already been to Yellowstone this year? 
Have a blast family! 
Reun like you've never Reunioned before.
We love you all!


Alissa said...

I did feel like I was there! Thanks! It's only been over 10 years but with your pictures it felt just like yesterday I sat there watching Old Faithful. :)

P.s. My friend did a kids Pirate birthday party and I know how you guys love pirates. Its the Jacobsens on my bloglist.

Melanie said...

Awesome! I've always wanted to visit there...one day we shall.

Sarah said...

id love to go there!!! great pics of nature!

The Wells said...

That picture of the Arrowleaf sign made me think of all the time I spent at Christmas in Montana unpacking ornaments and haning out.

Christina said...

I like you all so much! I am sorry you have to miss your family reunion. I love all of your photos!

Today's Gift said...

Sorry you're missing the reunion, but what a great memory. I love Yellowstone Park, it's so beautiful. I need to call you!!