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Friday, July 8, 2011

Silly and Crazy - Revisited

Remember this post?

Here's the evidence from that day.
(evidence is posted in the order it was taken)

Squirrely on the couch.
 Crazy on the floor.
 Dramatic action/vogue poses.
 The back side with a nice view of the....bed head...ballet/Nacho Libra style.
 And we all know she is a free style break dancer so she had to bust out some of those wycked moves.
 Exhausted from her silly and crazy antics.

I do not mind telling Marley she is silly... 
but lately... 
I've been feeling a little bad that so often I tell her she is crazy and/or weird.
So, I've been teaching her to respond to me with:

"I may be crazy/weird but I'm HAPPY!" 

And proudly I report that she always says it with more tude than I have taught. 
I wonder where she gets her weird and craziness?
Lately she wants to be called Kenna. 

She still makes up weird names...with some weird repeats. 

(above is the one that keeps repeating randomly?!?!)

Yesterday me and Marley and a lady from our branch were all riding in our car. This kind lady has a few cats and a dog so naturally, she and Marley were talking about animals. Marley was telling our passenger about her dogs (Marley never discloses that her animals are stuffed).  
Our friend asked Marley her dogs names:

Marley: "ummm. umm. One is. ummm. Snoosnoff. And I have a noder one and his name is...ummm. umm. His name is Alphabet!" 

However, I thought she said Elphaba, which as you all know is the name of the Wicked Witch of the West (WWW). 
But, Marley doesn't know that and I thought...
whoever wrote Wicked (Gregory Maguire) must have had kids name the WWW.

And yes, I'm still one of the few in this universe that hasn't seen Wicked yet. 

Just found this on Wikipedia: 
"Maguire formulated the name "Elphaba" out of L. Frank Baum's name, taking the phonetic pronunciation of his initials: hence, L.F.B became El-pha-ba." 

Cool to know Maguire had some sort of rhyme or reason to his naming of the WWW.

Just so you know, Marley has no evident reason for what she names things...
but sometimes they do rhyme. 
Marley: "I'm Becky. What's your name?"
I always answer with one of the following names:
I did not make those up!

Marley tries to say my chosen name for the day and then says:

"Mom! How bout you're Weewee!"


Lilianne said...

Oh my, that girl is so funny!!!!! I wish we could hang out. I bet I'd be laughing my pants off for the entire visit. What a little character! We miss you guys!

Tiffany said...

marley and kylee would make quite a pair...we could make some serious $$$ for their entertainment. Love your blog except that it makes me wish we could hang out.

AndreaB said...

Ah! She is too funny! I wish we were going to be seeing you guys at the reunion =[ We will miss you! But I will make sure to take lots of pictures of people for you =]]

Julie J. said...

Kenna is so silly.