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Friday, May 11, 2012

Epidural or No Epidural?....that is the question

They are crazy up here in the U.P. and they talked me into being crazy too and not having an epidural. 

I know, LOTS of women choose no epidural.
For lots of reasons.
LOTS of women never even had the option for an epidural. 
But, there is a reason why I was born in this day and time. 


And having had it both ways, I think I'll go with the more pleasant and enjoyable way of laboring and delivering. 
Next time, when I enter the hospital I'll be saying, "Epidural STAT, please!"
Besides, the epidural route takes less repenting.
As I felt like I was about to tear right in half, I said something I regret.
(don't ask, because I will not tell you what I said)

That is all I will say about labor and delivery. 
And epidurals.

Now for more pictures!

They had a very uncomfortable chair in our shared room. 
Uncomfortable chairs are bad when dad is spending the night.
One of the nurses found out and she dragged in a much cozier chair for him to sleep in.
Still, sleeping in a chair is not the best but this chair was WAY better than the first. 
 At first I was really bummed that we had to share a recovery room. 
But the OB ward was booming with deliveries so at least they had a bed for us. 
And our roommates were really considerate.

Aawwww! Look at the perfect little sweet face under that snow white cap.
 Here's the proud but tired father.
China Man's Hat
I evenutally kicked Nathan out of his chair so I could use it. 
My bed was in bad shape.
I'm 99% sure they replaced my bed after I left, because I showed the nurse ALL the things wrong with it.
Look at that neck! 
Unintentional baby smiles are the best! 
Tender mercies of the Lord.
Time to take you home Isi.
Ok, I'm ready!
Oh, a little jacket! I look GOOD in this little jacket.
Ok, now I'm spent! I need a nap!

More pictures to come very soon....
I promise I won't wait 3 weeks.

***if you want, I'd love to hear about your decision to have or not have an epidural....why? 


McKell&Janeene said...

Sheis SO cute!!! Congratulations! I had an epidural with both. With my first I had preeclampsia and and a low blood platelet count so I had to decide before I "needed: it if I wanted it. I decided I would rather have it in place just in case (they didn't put medicine in until I wanted it). Once things got really hard I got medicine put in. That day I said if the only reason I got an epidural again was for my husband I would. Once the medicine was in (and I wasn't crying through every contraction) he was so much more calm and relaxed. I say if you can do it without kuddos to you, but it is a personal decision for each person. :) Congratulations again!

Jeanette said...

um yeah...I got an epidural. It was awesome and I would do it again. Although since I ended up with a C-Section and so future children will go that route.... I definatly will be getting one next time. :) I know you feel bad about saying something you regret BUT your line of "the epidural route takes less repenting" was pretty funny.
Your sweet baby is so adorable. I so wish we were neighbors so I could snuggle her. Well, of course to hang with you too. That's a given. :) Hope you continue to heal well and get lots of sleep.

Kathy said...

First 3 - the boys - no epidural. In honor of Claire - because she's a girl - I had an epidural.

Wow - what a difference!

Shantell said...

I don't even know if I've told you congratulations yet?! Ahh! I'm terrible. I've become a blog stocker on your blog ha! I do read it but don't always comment. Thanks for reading and commenting on mine though. This post makes me miss you! You sweet new bundle of joy is beautiful! I had an epidural with E but had to do an emergency c-section so I was very grateful I did. Then Madelyn was a planned c-section so I got all kinds of drugs :)

Sarah said...

awe... please tell us what you said!! that's all I'm gonna think about. lol. besides we all get a pass from whatever we say while pushing a huge head out of our tiny hole!
super cute family! your doing good my daughter!

Melissa Bond Davis said...

EPIDURALS ALL THE WAY. I am so glad to look back and have a positive memory of my labor. I am so proud of woman who can do it with out one. It was a step I wasn't willing/couldn't take.

You are amazing Becky! And you have a beautiful little girl to show for it!

Julie J. said...

I've done both. I didn't get one with Sam, and I did fine, so while pregnant with Lola I wasn't sure I would need it. But as soon as I was in the hospital I got scared and got one and HOLY COW! It was wonderful! I would totally go for an epidural again!

Also, when my mother in law expressed interest in being in the delivery room during labor I said these words, "You can come in, but I cannot be held responsible for anything I SAY, DO, or POO!" So don't feel too bad about what ever you said.

Alissa said...

Oh that's too funny-"less repenting". Another good reason for me to ALWAYS have an epidural. I'm sure I would have a profane mouth.
I'm glad you survived-you did something I would never choose because I am too afraid and willing admit to being a pansy. :)

I sent you a package, it should be there sometime next week, I imagine.