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Life is great!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Easy. Feed the Evil one first.

We think Isabelle has a birth mark. 
Do you see it?
 I'll get closer.
It's a mustache. 
You still don't see it? 
That's ok, because I don't notice it either. 
I'll get closer.
Ok. That one was drawn on. Ha!
But it reminds me of a hilarious Ragu commercial. 

The verdict is still out on which of mine is the Evil one. 


Alissa said...


Julie J. said...

Sometimes, in just the right light, my mustache shows up too. She must get it from her Aunt Julie...

Becca said...

That looks like Andrea's strawberry mark. We don't even notice it anymore. She"s so sweet.

Shauna Klippel said...

It is a birth mark but chances are it will go away. Either way she is so precious. Girls,girls,girls....the best. Take care,


Tiffany said...

thanks for telling about my video of Cody (I fixed it) and I do remember your tooth on the mish. I'll have to tell Steve about your story--so glad you got it fixed before swallowing it. Scary! And expensive. There goes our savings :)

Hope you are feeling well and doing better every day. Thanks for all the comments you leave too!

Miss ya, Love ya