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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day

Well, the day before Mother's Day it was the Post Office's food drive. 
Marley was nowhere to be found so I sent our pink poodle out to put the food under the mail box.
 Okay, our pink poodle IS Marley. 
This is a 2T costume PEOPLE!!!

It was given to her by her cousin Kelsey, when Marley was 2-ish. 
I'm always trying to hide it, now that it is too small, but she always seems to find it. 
She snoops around A LOT!!!

The poodle likes to wear my scarf sometimes. 
Have you seen The Lorax? Or read the book? I've never read the book, but I've seen the movie.
This scarf is just like a Thneed. 
So soft and fun to play with.
 I really need to get a picture of the Pink Poodle with her Purple Parasol. 
You will die!
So funny!
 I should also try to get a picture of the colossal wedgie this costume gives her. 

It snowed Saturday afternoon and ALL. DAY. MOTHER'S DAY.
 I mean. REALLY!?!?
May 12th?!?
 It's okay though because I got a beautiful bouquet of FRESH FLOWERS!!!

 Here is the baker.
 The frosting maker.
 The Decoratour...I'm trying to sound fancy.

 More snow.
 The Fresh Bouquet!

 Aren't they gorgeous?!?
The blue ones are my favorite. 
Those are little marshmallows cut in half and then dipped in blue raspberry sprinkles. 
They looked beautiful, smelled SO yummy and tasted DELICIOUS!

 The eater helper.
 Of course all she wanted was a pink rose.

It was a wonderful day.
Would have loved to take a walk in the hot sun....but, these cupcakes totally made up for it!

PS- I love you mom!!! It was great to skype with you!


Amber and Lincoln said...

Wow those cupcakes are gorgeous! What a special gift from a hubby!

Shauna said...

Um, okay, your husband is awesome. What a catch he is! I'm showing this to Kirk as soon as he gets home. :)

I love all of the pictures!!!! And snow on May 12th. What?????? Becky I'm not even going to tell you what the weather was here...actually I will, it was such a bummer, it was snowing here too. :) Miss you and love you,

Shauna xoxoxoxxoooo

Julie J. said...

Pres. F. is the Man! What an awesome bouquet. And, I'll be honest. That pink poodle creeps me out!

Kathy said...

So funny! Julie.

Those cupcakes are fantastic!!

I saw the pink poodle in the front yard and thought "yay - no snow!!"

oh well.

Yay for Mother's Day cupcake bouquets!

The Wells said...

That is so funny!!! I have a cat costume to send you next. And I want flowers like those!

Michelle said...

Your poodle making a trip out the mailbox is hilarious, I'm dying! Nathan's cupcakes are amazing, wow! Those are some serious tools! I'll have to keep an eye out for blue raspberry sprinkles, yum!

My Everythings said...

Nathan is amazing! those are beautiful.

pillingfamily said...

i'm speechless about your husband making those cupcakes. i had to tell wade how to boil potatoes the other day. so funny

Jill said...

Wow Nate! I had no idea you were such a talented cake decorator! Well done!