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Thursday, June 20, 2013

September 13, 2000

Today was Discovery Day! (9am-1pm) It was so fun! Discovery Day is sort of like when you get a Y group leader to show you all around campus. Well, we had a group of about 27 people and 2 group leaders. They just took us around Epcot and took us on a few rides, so we know where things are and what the rides are like. It was so fun to get paid to walk around and learn about the park. At the end of it we arranged ourselves in front of the fountain and our group leaders took our picture. They said we all get a copy of the picture in a few weeks and all our names will be on it. I thought that was pretty cool! Then they told us to all stand on this circle that was down on the pavement. Then she said she wanted us to all raise one hand and turn outward from the circle because we were all going to take an oath. We did and then this BIG horn announcement (doot! doot! doot! dooooo! like announcing the Royals or something) sounded and then music started playing. I thought it was the fountain show and I thought it was funny that it started right when she was about to have us take some silly oath. Then, our group leaders Kara and Jeff were walking around the outside of the circle waving at us and telling us to wave back, and the announcer said something like, "Ladies and Gentleman, may I have your attention please! If you will turn your attention to the fountain pavilion and please help us welcome our newest cast members! Thank you!" All of the guests were clapping and cheering and smiling and waving at us.  It was really funny and cool and MAGICAL! It was a magical moment! They said we'd be having a lot of those here.

After Discovery Day the convention people had a venue tour. That was fun too but it was a TON of walking! I was pooped and after that 3 of us worked over time (5:30-7:30) on the set up for the Cast Picnic, which is tomorrow. After that I was DEAD!

September 14, 2000

Today was one of my days off! :-) I could have worked over time at the Epcot Cast Picnic, like I did last night but I didn't feel like it. But, I'm going to work a lot of overtime soon. That's where you actually MAKE money.

Megan (a roommate) and I went to Epcot. Dad wanted me to find their train layout and take pictures of it for him. I found out where it was at the Discovery Day, so we went and took pictures of it today. I also made a sign that said "Happy Birthday! Love, Becky and __________" and I got Mickey Mouse to sign after me and I got a picture of us holding the sign. It was fun.

Then we went to the cast picnic It was huge! TONS of food, entertainment and a big store with Disney stuff in it and it was all 75% off. The merchandise was cheap and the food was FREE! Salads, deli sandwiches, hot dogs, BBQ chicken, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, etc. all FREE! It was awesome!

Tonight, Sarah and I went to Disney Quest. It was fun. They have a TON of video games and virtual reality stuff. We get in free during the 1st month of our employment and we also get a friend in free.  So, I got us in this time and next time, she'll get us in.

September 15, 2000

Today I had a Property Tour. We went to each Disney park and ALL the Resorts. It was so fun! We rode the Jungle Safari at Animal Kingdom and toured that park first. Then we went to MGM and went on Rockin' Roller Coaster and toured that park. We also went on the Great Movie ride. It was pretty good. Then we went and toured The Magic Kingdom and went on Space Mountain.

Tours are cool because they always tell us cool facts and stories and sometimes put an end to some of the rumors we hear. The whole tour was from 10am-6:30 and it was a TON of walking!

When I got home there was a message from Sarah to have me call her. We decided to try to make it over to Epcot by 9:00pm to see Illuminations (the fireworks show). It was really good! But, we sort of missed some of the beginning and we didn't exactly have the perfect view. But, it was still really good. Then we rode the test track and looked for penny smashers. Didn't find any new ones but, there wasn't much open anymore. So, we'll have to try back when everything is open. Then we came home. We watched Friends at 11:30, we try to stay up every night that we can just to watch it. It's fun. Then I came home and now I'm going to bed. POOPED!


Our friends here in the Soo just took a trip to Florida and spent a day at The Magic Kingdom. Got me thinking about my days at Disney. SO many fun and great memories! Since, I'm working on my personal history I thought I'd bust my journal out and find some pages to type up.  I arrived in Florida on September 6, 2000 and started having amazing experiences right away. I wouldn't say these days really capture "amazing" experiences but, they do give a good idea of what I did and what it was like there; busy, lots of work, and LOTS of fun and LOTS of magic! Oh, it was pretty muggy and sticky...I definitely remember it being sticky. Good times!!!


Confession. I have not been keeping up on blogs....I'm addicted to Pinterest. I miss my friends and family and reading and seeing what they are doing...but, I can't stop. 

Also, I am so overwhelmed with our pictures that I have not been blogging. And by overwhelmed I mean...I'm ignoring our pictures. We're taking pictures and having fun and living and breathing and learning and singing and dancing and growing and traveling and gardening and....not documenting our current happenings very well.  Just so you know....

We love you all....

So much!

Utah  in 32 days!
Tahoe or BUST this summer!!!


Michelle said...

Glad to hear all is well :) I've taken a blogging break too, summer is for fun right?

Kathy said...


Becky said...

YEAH TAHOE!!! (did I spell it wrong?) See you there Aunt Kathy!!!!

(we are camping with my parents)

Shauna said...

Becky!! I love reading whatever you have to say. I love that you included that you are all having fun, breathing and so on. Sometimes it's funny what blogging does. It's like our lives stop if we don't blog and eveyone else is. But, of course this is not the case and I'm so glad you are taking pictures!!!! Who cares if you don't get to blogging as long as you are taking pictures. I just love looking back at them, only the blog or not.

Becky, I'm glad you seem so happy and busy! And I am so glad you are going to Tahoe!! You are going right? We will be there at the same time did you know this? We will hook up for sure!!! All my love,

Shauna xoxoxoxxoxo

Sandy said...

I would love to have seen that picture of your group.

Michelle said...

I miss you in the blog-sphere Frances, just sayin... (Not to pressure you to write, just wanted you to know you're missed)