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Monday, May 9, 2016

I love me a clean car....

I posted some helpful information on Facebook 
and two of my dear friends said I should make it into a blog post.


Here is it...plus more...

After extensive research I have found what I think may be the suckiest vacuum in Brighton. 
Which means it's goooood!!! 
Am I right?! 
It's at the Quick Stop on the corner of Bridge and N 18th Avenue. 
Pluses: it sucks good, really good. It's a dollar for 4 minutes and if you add ONE more quarter it gives you TWO more minutes. It shows you the time AND counts down for you AND beeps when you have a minute left so you know it's time to add that extra quarter! 
It's the best!!! 
The only minus: no garbage can right by the vacuum. But there is a garbage can at the pumps AND when pull over to the pumps to throw your garbage out you can use their squeegee to wash all your windows!!! So, maybe there are no minus'?

You're welcome! 

If anyone knows of a suckier vacuum in Brighton, let me know! I've tried the ones behind the car wash on West Bridge toward Todd Creek. I've also tried 2 at the car wash on Main Street. 
Those were the worst.

I just have to add that...
I love me a clean car!

A clean car makes me feel glamorous, sophisticated, organized, fancy, rich, and much more.
There is pretty much NOTHING else in my life that makes me feel even close to ALL of those things all at the same time. 

Even when my car is not glamorous or sophisticated or fancy or rich looking...
a clean car makes me feel like it is. 

A clean car has given me confidence as I drove to at least TWO job interviews.
Those are just the ones I remember.

A clean car has given me confidence on dates. 
Yeah, I'm that kind of girl.
I prefer to drive.

A clean car has made it so I can add anyone to my car, quickly, 
as long as I have a seat belt for you, you can jump on in. 

My favorite car scent is Coconut.
That's pretty much my favorite scent of all time.
It's especially yummy in a clean car. 

I'm pretty sensitive to smells, some give me a major headache.
So, I'm pretty particular. 

My first car was a gently used Dodge Neon. 
It's factory color was Iris Pearl.
Which was a light, shinny, sparkly purple.
Sometimes it might have looked a little gray.
But, I loved the name of the paint so I named my car...

Iris Pearl. 


I loved cleaning that car.
I used to shine the dashboard so much, when the sun shone on it, you were sure to be blinded...
if you didn't have sunglasses on. 

My next favorite car was our black Honda Accord. 
We named that car...

The Black Pearl.

Perfection, again.

I love to clean our cute gold van.
And her/his name is still under debate after owning her for 2 years. 
Wow, it feels like we've had her much longer but, we got her right before we got Lorenzo. 

Anyway, I wanted to call her...

Gold Nellie.

Cute right?

Nathan said that sounds like she's an old lady. 
What's wrong with that!?! 
A cute little gold lady taking care of our little family and gettin' us everywhere safely.

He also said she is a boy and he wanted to call her Epoufette.
That is the name of a town in Michigan. 
It's fun to say...I'll give him that.

At first we thought it was a Native name...
so we made up a Native meaning....
it's a fishing village so we decided Epoufette's Native meaning was....
Gold Fish.

Kinda lame right?

Then we did some research and found out it's actually a French word.


We also found out it means...
"A quiet place to rest." 

That's a fine for a town but a car!?!?!
You don't want to be falling asleep at the wheel!??!

Also, he was afraid Gold Nellie was old fashioned!
It sounds like our van is rest home! 

I love Gold Nellie....or whomever. 

But, please don't judge her too harshly in her cleanliness....
we do have three children.

I think another reason I have always loved to clean the car is...

it's a small space. 
It's pretty easy to clean and organize such a small space. 
Even if you have a giant van...which we did growing up.
You can do it in a morning, or afternoon or evening. 
And it's so fulfilling and satisfying.
And makes you feel so good!

I love it. 

If you want me to clean your car.... 
Just give me a call...
I'll give you an estimate. 



The Wells said...

I loved that gently used (to you) Iris Pearl. It was brand new to me.

Julie J. said...

I was blinded many a time by that overly shiny dash board... I think that is why I let the dust collect on my own dashboard, because of my fear of dashboard blindness, caused by you.

Julie J. said...

Also, that neon was a great car. I loved riding around in it with you and with Liz when it was hers.

Julie J. said...
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heatherb said...

Whoa Nellie! I like Gold Nellie. If you stick to your pattern she could be the Golden Pearl. Combining Names I get Pearly Gold Fish, Pearly Gold Nellie, Nellie Gold Fish, Epoufette Nellie, ok I'm done. Good luck naming your van. At least it isn't fart like my nieces named their daddies brown car. :)

Michelle said...

I also LOVED your neon- especially the amazing color!!! Good memories getting hogi yogi in that car :)