We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh Hi!

It's been awhile since we had a Marley post. She is a busy girl. She started walking, officially, about 2 weeks ago! Just yesterday she practiced walking all day. She went from room to room in our little apartment and even experimented with running. She has also realized that when she falls down she doesn't have to start crawling, she can just get up and get back to walking.

This is Marley with three hats on. Yes, three. She wanted them all on, at once. I don't know! She just did! I think she looks like a safari tour guide.

She also likes to play with the doors. We always know when she has totally shut herself in...squeals and screams.
She also has a little vocabulary. She says, "Hi!" "Wow!" "Wowa!" "Mamama" "Dadada" and "Poo!" which is actually her attempt at saying "Pew!" which I say every time I change her diaper...whether is from stinky poops or from "Peeeewww! Stinky Feet!"
She also uses two signs. "More please" and "Bye Bye".

Sad news....I sent one of her pictures into Baby Idol which they are doing on a local radio station. Basically it's a cutest baby picture contest. Each week they pick 4 finalists and then next week they will post the 12 finalists from the past 4 weeks and then "the public" gets to pick the cutest baby picture. The sad news is Marley wasn't picked as a finalist! Shocking! I know!!! Believe me when I checked Monday morning to see if my cute Marley was a finalist...and then found she wasn't, I was livid...confused....and then freakin' MAD!
Now I am absolutely forbidden to enter her in ANYTHING...EVER AGAIN! Nathan doesn't want to hold me back again. He hates it when mothers get ugly....you know what I mean.
We love you all!!!!


Katie said...

I love hearing about you and Marley! Congrats to her for walking! My family tried to get me to enter Avery into contests too and I refuse. It's too hard and I would be angry too if she didn't win. I would have voted for Marley!
Avery does the same thing with doors, I don't know why they do it. They are such advanced and strange creatures!
Glad to see all is well!

Jeanette and Jason said...

Okay so I talked to the judges and I finally got the truth out of them. They said (and these are their exact words), "Marley is by far the cutest baby we have ever seen. However, we were afraid that if other mothers saw her picture they might go to extreme measures to make their babies as cute as her. We just didn't want anyone to have that kind of pressure." True story......well, "I cannot tell a lie." I did not talk to the judges (shocking I know) :) but I'm sure that's what they were thinking.

Kerra 'n' Josh said...

She's so darling Becky! You're such a cute family... hope all is well miss you lots!

Sandy said...

We spoke on the phone and you did not tell me my granddaughter was walking. She is so cute in these pictures. I can's wait to see you all in June. We will have to get reaquainted.

Julie J. said...

Get your BUTT out here!!!!

Corn Husker said...

I was totally ready to vote for her too! I hope you are well. Thanks again for all of the favors over the weekend. You're the best!

Lilianne said...

marley is such a cutie! I love all the hats - what a little character! Hopefully Lois and Marley can play together in June during the big wedding!! Can't wait to see you and MEET marley. My goodness. How pathetic is that??

Tiffany and Darien said...

I love the hats...it's funny how they can tell us exactly what they want (even if it is bizarre). They have their little minds set on something and it's quite the game figuring it out, but victory comes when we do!

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