We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How do you spell Goatee?


(no! That can't be right)
Anyway, does your baby have a goatee?
Can you guess what her goatee is made of, before I tell you below?

Looks yummy huh?

Yes! Quite smashing!

And yet, all business.

And here is the look: "I know I got into something I shouldn't have, but it was GOOOOOD!"

And here is the GQ Marley, with her hand on the cupboard...trying to hide the evidence...look at the floor.
Side note: We got those Zoey slippers from a very nice woman we hardley know, she actually gave us A LOT of cute girl clothes. Anyway, Marley is really into kissing....EVERYTHING....sometimes 50x's in a row. It is so cute when she kisses her Zoey slippers, especially because she loves to kiss Zoey while she has the slippers on.
And the goatee is made of......YOU GUESSED IT!
Ok, here's a cleaner goatee.
She was making this one herself, as well. She was bending way over so she could eat the bubbles. She liked the mouth full of bubbles and I loved the goatee!

This is one of those pictures where she is wondering why I'm taking her picture. She always figures it out though....because she's SO cute! (and there is usually something on her face, remember THIS! Scroll down a little once you get there.)

Oops! Choked on some bubbles!

We love you all!


Alissa and Victory said...

Such a cute girl!!!

Cramer Clan said...

Miss Marlayna is SO cute. I love the GO-T :)

Anonymous said...

Man, she's so stinkin' cute!!!! Your spelling is correct. Did you know that I'll be seeing you in like 28 days?!!

Julie J. said...

She is a beautiful little lady!

Reno Wells said...

So cute!

Shantell said...

She is the cutest little girl! I LOVE her goatee or goatie or how ever you spell it! Ethan and her should be boyfriend girlfriend! Wouldn't that be AWESOME!

Corn Husker said...

Um...I adore her. And you. Do you really have to leave? I'm excited for this weekend!

Jeanna said...

I assumed that was sugar, like from a donut or something...but it was brown...then when I saw the floor, I got it. She's a cutie!

Natasha said...

I love the pictures of her in the bath. She looks like quite a character. So adorable!!!