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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Follow-up Pictures and Where We Placed!

"You did it! You ran 87.75 miles in the coldest weather on October 10th since the 1800's."
-Post Race Email, Market to Market Relay Race
I forgot to mention in my previous post, reporting on the race, that one our our runners, Sandy, had a Leg changed on her because of ice on the course. That stage changed from 3 miles to 6.5 miles!!! It more than doubled! She was our best runner so, we were all glad it was her and not us. She took the change in stride. I think it was her third leg and it was her second fastest time. The rest of us all said we would have CRIED the whole way!
Here are a few more pictures I got from Sonia. This is my second run beginning. Janelle is handing off to me.

And I'm off!

This is me coming in from my second leg.

Getting closer!

And here I am all hot and tired.
Me after my second run. Becky A. right in front of me, taking off.
Email from Sonia, the team captian and my personal trainer:

"Hello ladies,

Well race day has come and gone. It was a great day even with the cold and snow. I managed to take all the times that we had written down and figured out everyone's times for them. Just remember these are only estimated times. We were not 100% specific on them.
Becky A.- leg 1 7:13 min/mile leg 2- 8:08 min/mile leg 3- 8:13 min/mile Avg- 7:57 min/mile
Salley- leg 1- 7:10 min/mile leg 2- 8:00 min/mile leg 3- 7:46 min/mile Avg- 7:40 min/mile
Jana- leg 1- 8:39 min/mile leg 2- 8:00 min/mile leg 3- 7:43 min/mile Avg- 8:14 min/mile
Sandy- leg 1- 6:36 min/mile leg 2- 7:51 min/mile leg 3- 7:07 min/mile Avg- 7:16 min/mile
Sonia- leg 1- 7:47 min/mile leg 2- 7:10 min/mile leg 3- 7:23 min/mile Avg- 7:29 min/mile
Shauna- leg 1- 11:04 min/mile leg 2- 12:35 min/mile Avg- 11:26 min/mile
Janelle- leg 1- leg 1- 11:10 min/mile leg 2- 11:33 min/mile Avg- 11:23 min/ mile
Becky F.- leg 1- 11:47 min/mile leg 2- 10:03 min/mile Avg- 11:01 min/mile
Everyone did an awesome job and I'm glad that we could all be on a team together. In comparison to last year we ran 2 minutes faster this year. We came in 6th place in the women's division out of 14 teams. I would also like to say thanks to Salley for letting us use her van and making it very dirty. And thanks to everyone for being a part of our team, we had a great time. I have attached some of the finish line pictures.

Sally, Sonia, Sandy, Janelle, Shauna, Becky A., Jana, Becky F. (me!)
Marley wishes she to be in Arizonia, with her cousin Lois, where the weather is WARM!!!
(this picture taken during the construction of this post)


Emily said...

Amazing! you GO GIRL!

PS. I loved the Guernsey Letters!

Jill said...

GOOD JOB BECKY!!!!! You met your goal. You are awesome! I love you.

Corn Husker said...

Once again, way to go! I'm going to sit here in awe of you for a minute or two. I know, it would be more fitting to go out and run in awe of you, but heck, it's raining. Maybe instead I'll go bake some cookies and eat them in your honor. Ya, that sounds more like me.

The Hungry said...

Wow - the coldest day since the 1800s. You've really got yourself a "I had to walk in the snow up hill both ways..." story but your story is REAL!

Love Marley in her shades.