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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Race Was......

This is what I opened my front door to, at 4:15am.
Our first snow fall.
This is our first Runner! Becky A.

This is Sonia (my Jillian), Shauna, and Becky A., right before we left Becky A. at the starting line.

We had to bust a move to beat her to the first exchange.

The race started at 6am.
This is Becky A. running into the first exchange. She passed off to Sally.

This is my view from the back of the van. I wish I got a better one with the flash so you could see our team huddled in there.

Sally ran great, as did Becky A. The second exchange was too crowded so I didn't get a good picture.

The third exchange was Sally to Jenna. Jenna ran great too! She passed off too Sandy!

This is the fourth exchange where Sandy took off!
(That's a Christmas tree made from bikes.)

Here is Sandy coming into the fifth exchange. She handed off to Sonia.
(Still snowing!)

I didn't get pictures of the sixth or seventh exchanges because my batteries were "dying." But, Sonia handed off to Shauna and Shauna handed off to Janelle. Everyone ran great!

This is the eighth exchange from Janelle to Becky F. (ME!)
It was muddy but, I was the first runner to run with out the snow coming down.
This is me taking off.
And you think Nebraska is flat? Yes, almost all of it, except for where we ran the first part of the race. There were more hills than I expected for my leg. It was HARD! But, I never stopped running. I slowed, A LOT, on two of the hills but I didn't stop!

Then my camera "died." Later (the next day) I found out that my batteries were just cold!
Whoosy batteries!!!
While I run I try to think about things that will distract me from focusing too much on my breathing, my aches, my pains, and what-not. (Examples: Craft projects that are in progress at home, what to make for dinner, things I could look for on Craig's List, how I could organize my life so it's simpler and more meaningful, etc.)
While I ran my first leg, I couldn't think of anything to distract myself. There was a lot of adreneline pumping and that was pushing me, which was good! But, I still needed something to think about while I ran.
I prayed.
I asked that I wouldn't slip in the mud. I could just see myself running down one of those hills and slidding and the slide wouldn't hurt me, it would be my body panicing and trying to catch itself that would cause the damage. I would twist a knee or an ankle. I would not want to fall and have to finish running...with an injury and.....with mud on me face. How sad would that be?
I didn't fall.
I prayed that I would keep running the whole way.
I ran the whole way.
I prayed that I would feel my Savior's love as I ran. That I would not just trudge through the race but that I would enjoy it and look around at the beauty of the cold earth.
I prayed that this race would change me. That I would continue to exercise and start to make more drastic changes in my diet.
Working on it. Haven't exercised since, yet! But, my body felt SO GOOD on Sunday. I had a headache and my legs ached...and they got more sore throughout Sunday, but Sunday the core of my body felt SO GOOD!
I prayed that Nathan and Marley would be able to see me run at some point during the day. That I would hear them cheer me on!
It was a great prayer. I love prayer!
After I prayed, the thought that I kept turning to when my mind would focus too hard on my breathing, was, "When you are done running, you will see Nathan and Marley!" I wasn't sure that was true but I wanted it to be...so I ran!
I also ran to be a good team mate!
I also ran to accomplish what I had set out to accomplish!
I ran!
When the first set of hills and mud stopped I turned left (I think it was south) and at that turn there was a big pile of garbage, mostly cigarette cartons and beer cans. GROSS!!! I thought this was some silly "temptation" because there was a garbage removal contest that was part of the race. The team that collected the most garbage and turned it in at the end, got an automatic entrance into the race next year. Umm....I think I'll just run and not pick up garbage.
After that turn I ran through a country path and the trees were covered in snow. It was so pretty. The fields were covered too...everything looked like it had been dowsed in powdered sugar. And thankfully it was flat.
That path changed from dirt to pavement. I ran through a little park. Ran under an underpass. There was a woman under the underpass with a flag, she told me to stay to my left (there was mud to the right) and that I only had a mile left! I ran uphill through a parking lot and then ran over the overpass.
Nathan and Marley were there, watching me...but, I didn't know it. I pushed on and ran to the next person with a flag (uphill still). They jumped in the car and passed me just as a dog was trying to attack me. It came running full speed and knipped at my heels. (This was actually the second dog to do this too me during this run! Sheesh! And I'm scared of dogs! But I was brave and kept running.)
I was distracted when Nathan drove RIGHT NEXT to me and SMILED HIS BIG SMILE!
Once the car was a ways ahead I saw it and I gasped, "HA! That could be them!" I ran up another hill and at the top I saw the car parked and eventually realized there was Nathan holding Marley! They waved and cheered me on!
They jumped in the car and met me at my exchange around the corner. Nathan was so proud of his wifey running hard with perfect form! Up Hills! I was so grateful for their support.
They took off for my next exchange and waited for me to come for hours! They are my dedicated supporters. Marley LOVED playing in the car.
During my first run....19 or 20 people passed me.
I passed one.
Sounds discouraging huh?
Almost ALL of them said, "Good job!" "You're doing great!" "Keep it up!" or something like that, as they passed me. I loved that encouragement!
Running made me hot. It made us all hot! But, soon after the run....we were COLD!!! We got the shivers. We warmed up with coats and blankets and food!
My next run was a little sunny, but still cold! I took off and ran a flat dirt path. There was lots of beauty! The leaves actually changed this year, before they started to fall. Parts of the path were covered in fallen yellow leaves.
This time only 6 people passed me and I passed zero. Oh well, I still got lots of encouragement.
I even got to encourage someone.
A guy came slowly running up behind me, to my left. I could hear his struggled breathing and it sounded like his legs were HEAVY. I looked over and he looked SO tired! I said, "Good job! Keep going!" He said, "I'm dying!" And then he proceeded to pass me. That made me laugh, to myself. He's dying and I feel I'm dying...yet he's passing me. Huh?
Nathan and Marley were about a third of the way into my run. Marley was in the car but hung herself out the window to wave as I passed. She had her cousin Sam's big puffy green coat on, with the hood on. It was SO cute. Nathan was right next to the path. I said, "You think this is half-way?" He said, "Yes!" (it wasn't! and he knew it!)
That path went on forever! There were little bends in the path and I couldn't see the people ahead and I would think, the end is just around that bend. When it wasn't I said, "No! Duh! You still have a LONG way to go! Keep pushing!"
There were two times I thought I was going to stop. I didn't. I pushed through.
When I got to the end, my team was so happy! They expected me four minutes later! I came in FOUR MINUTES faster than they expected! I'm so glad they were there and ready anyway. There were times when a runner would run in and there team wouldn't be there....how disappointing!
I ran faster than they expected! Awesome!
We ran over the finish line at approximately 6:40pm. As we ran through the announcer yelped, "This is team 67! The Speedsters! (then he said each of our names really fast) from Lincoln, Nebraska!" It was awesome! I started crying! I was so sore and so happy!
They hurded us into a tent where they gave us free stuff and kept us moving through and then out. Our team took pictures outside the tent. I'll have to get more pictures from my team mates, and when I do, I'll share them with you!
Thanks for reading. Thanks for your support! I know there were many praying for me. I am so grateful!
I love you all!


Julie J. said...

That is so awesome. I'm jealous and proud of you at the same time. That two sins I'm feeling at once. Thanks for being a good example to me and my family. I loved reading all about it and I can't wait to see more pictures.

Shalantie said...

YESSS! YOU DID IT! ALL OF YOU! Wow, those pictures looked sooooo cold. And I have no clue how you guys pushed through it.(wait, yes I do, prayer!) I almost cried reading about your journey because I know that I would be the one being passed up, and to have ppl encourage me along the way would just mean the world. Becky I know that race was HARD, but i'm so proud of you for accomplishing it!

Alissa and Victory said...

You are one tough woman! It was so awesome to hear how you pushed your way through. Way to go!

The Hungry said...

Yaaay! You did it! Good for you!

Frasure Family said...

Awesome! What an accomplishment! I don't think I could ever do it!! I almost cried too reading it. I miss you! Hope your body recovers easily!

eden said...

that's so great that you did that! congratulations!!!

Corn Husker said...

I definitely cried reading that. I am so impressed and proud of you, and glad you made it safely! WAY TO GO!

Natasha said...

Wow, you finished it, I knew you could do it!! Awesome!! Good for you!

Sconierson said...

Becky, you did amazing! Wasn't it well worth it in the end. Even though we hated running in the cold and snow we pushed through it and felt so much better in the end. You were awesome! Now you just need to keep up the exercising.

Sandy said...

Another notch on your belt. One more goal you set for yourself and accomplished it. You are the best goal setter I know. I wish we could have been there. When are you going to do the relay from Lincon to Salt Lake? I love you.

Jeanna said...

Seriously, I am crying right now. I am so proud of you. I find it so awe-inspiring that when we find a way to let our minds and our spirits take over, our bodies will do what we want them to do.

Keep it up Becky! I am seriously, seriously so so so proud of you!

vinestreet said...

I really did cry when I read this. Thank you for posting all the pictures. I'm so happy for you and everyone. I laughed when I read that the team name was the same! Great job for running the whole way!!!!!!