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Life is great!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Marley the Mermaid?

Marley the future clothes horse?
Or Marley the future actress with big fat wet tears?
Last night I had a hard time sleeping.
There were multiple reasons from which I will spare you. (nothing serious)
But, around 2am I prayed that I would be able to go to sleep.
I also prayed that Marley might sleep-in to 8 or even, heaven help me!
I first heard Marley talking to herself and kissing her stuffed animals at 8:11. (MuuAh!)
At 8:15 she started full out crying, the hurt cry.
I dragged myself out of bed, walked to her room with my eyes closed and opened the door.
I found this poor sad creature.

Marley has started to really like to do things by herself.

Somedays she will struggle for half hours to change her clothes, from one outfit to another.

The main word in that is struggle.

She struggles with getting her pants off. She hasn't figured out that she has to pull the back of the pants down too, not just the front. So, the pants stay hooked on her cheek's upper shelf...which is hard to believe that she already has one,but all Alger's cheeks have an upper shelf. Well, all the female Algers. The male Algers don't have butts.

I digress...

Then when it comes to putting clothes on, she often misses one of the shirt holes and an arm ends up in the neck hole with her neck. Just the like the picture above.

Also, she often gets stuck with both legs in one leg sleeve.

But, this time she actually stood up and pulled the waiste band all the way up.

Hence the Mermaid.

Even though I dragged myself to her room, half alseep, when I saw her self imposed hopeless tangle, I was awake, laughing and running for the camera.

And here is the movie: The Little Mermaid!

Watch in the close up at the end...you can still see her big fat wet tear!

And here is the Little Mermaid after her loving and forgiving King of the Sea father granted her heart's desire and gave her...what are they called again? Oh feet!

Or this is what she normally looks like her in jamies...and of course she's saying CHEESE!!!

We love you all! (so much!)


Emily said...

cute! girls are so different! marley seems like she has a very sweet personality.

Julie J. said...

that is so cute and funny. Sam and I loved it! Sam laughed like a grandpa so hard. We miss you guys.

Jeanna said...

So cute! Ask Matt how horrible we were to him when he was little and wearing the shoes with the bar that attached the shoes across. We were awful, ok, maybe it was just me. Either way, at least this was self-imposed and not brought on by a nasty older sibling.

I love little kids, since I can't have any more, I'm going to need grandkids soon....which doesn't bode well for my daughter. I'll need to bide my time until she is about 25, post mission, post college. Only 11 more years!

Adam and Sarah said...

Ha! Funny stuff! Amber loved watching Marley!

Anonymous said...

Love her!!! (I love you too) I hope you get sleep soon!

Katie said...

oh my gosh! i thought jay and i would die from laughter. we were laughing so hard we couldn't even breathe. your explanations of things is absolutely priceless, and marley's expressions (although sad) are so funny! thank you for the laugh and the wonderful pictures of your beautiful little girl!

Brian and chelsea said...

I love the "upper shelf" descriptions.
You really are a talented writer!