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Friday, May 28, 2010

In the mean time...

My mom scolded me for not posting pictures yet. So, I'll tell you what I told her:

My computer is getting too full. My memory is low. I have to put all my pictures on CD's so I can delete them and download the new ones. After a week of struggling with my crappy disk drive, it pooped out. I called Dell and after on an hour of trouble shooting the Dell guy finally gave in and said he would send me a new disk drive. Gotta love that full warranty! It came the very next day, which was Wednesday. Now, I am nearly done burning CDs.

But, when I'm done with that I still have to upload all my graduation and vacation pictures to photobucket which takes FOR-EV-ER. But, the good news....once they are uploaded on photobucket they are super quick to put on blogger.

They are still coming! And they are good so please hold out!

In the mean time, here are some gems I found while looking through old pictures to save for posterity.

I'm sure all of you know the story of "Becky's fake tooth." Yes, I have/had a fake tooth since the 5th grade. Since most if not all of you know the story of how that came to be, I'll spare you. I guess I would tell the full story if I got enough requests in the comments. Anyway, after a long painful, tedious and embarrassing process, a new member was added to my mouth as of January 2006 (17 years later)...a permanent member.

This is a picture of the post, which was screwed into an implant in my gums. Sexy! I know!

This is my glorious new smile!
I know. Not THAT glorious but, glorious to me because they all stay in now. (Nice zit!)
After this long mouth managing process came to an end, I took SO MANY pictures of myself, it's not even funny!
Ok, it is funny and yes I did save ALL of them for posterity.
And to think once this little permanant addition was installed I met Nathan!

I am just sharing one one-thousandth of the pictures I have of me, taken by me, and my new smile.

You're welcome.

And thank you!


The Hungry said...

Who ever did it really did do a good job. You have a beautiful smile. And thank goodness for your mom - to tell you to get posting!

Hey it was a post about posts ;-)

Meghan said...

I don't know the story of your fake tooth!

I had to go to the Taylor building the other day to get Dr. Dromey to sign a paper, and I saw your mom there! I didn't know she was the new secretary. We chatted for awhile. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Um, shouldn't those pics be on a CD and not on your hard drive??? Ha, I miss you and you permanent tooth...what a beautiful smile you have. What large teeth you have. Are you gonna try to eat me??

Becky said...

Amy makes a very good point. When I stumbled upon these pictures I put copies on my desktop so I could put them in a blog post. They are indeed on CDs now and since they are on the blog, the copies have been deleted. My computer is getting super organized and decluttered...but that's for another post.

Julie J. said...

The millions dollar smile. Or was it the smile of a million tears?

Christina said...

Um...I don't know the story. I vote you tell it. If you need me to request it more times, possibly under some aliases, just let me know.

Tracy Haws said...

I ditto...I don't know the story and would love to hear it...but I'll try and be patient.

Joe and Lis said...

As a dental assistant, I NEED TO KNOW THIS STORY! Did you get an implant??

Natasha said...

Is the first picture from Montana (on your mission)? It looks like a similar one that I (or another sister) took.