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Life is great!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Hair Cuts & Coconut Butts

I forgot to take my camera for Marley's first haircut.
And my phone was home charging so I didn't even get a picture on my phone.
Oh well. 
I can't get pictures off my phone anyway because I'm not smart enough to figure out how.
Or I need a memory card first. 
Something like that. 
I do have a picture hidden away on my phone somewhere of Marley's first fake hair cut.
So that's good enough.

Fake hair cut?
Before we left Utah my sister-in-law Whitney cut my hair.
Marley wanted a hair cut too, but I didn't think it was time yet. 
So, Whitney played along and pretended to cut Marley's hair.
And I took pictures.
Someday when I figure it out...
I will post EVERY picture from my phone.
And you WILL like it!

Neither myself nor the hair dresser could bear to cut off any more of Marley's curls than just a trim.
Then the hair dresser couldn't help herself...or she did help herself and put Marley's hair in pig tails. 
 She got TWO suckers and of course BOTH have to be open at the same time!
Which they are now....but not in this picture.
 Do you love that fabric behind her? Me too! 
Someday I will fashion it into real curtains for the front and back doors.
 These are for REAL pig tails, eh?
 Woa! Too close. 
Taking these pictures myself.

 I love it.
It's an A line...almost. 

Still growing out from this cute hair cut from Aug 2010. 
Loved the feel of the pixie but didn't like how it looked on me.

Which do you like better?

*Ok, no coconut butts...but it rhymed and we like to rhyme and we like to say butts....sometimes.


eden said...

i think i like the longer a-line cut better. but the pixie looked cute too... (:

The Hungry said...

Hard to say - they both look so cute. How could I not realize your hair had been so pixie short? And wow, that's a lot of length you got there - fast growing hair I think.

Beautiful you. Cute Marley.

Have a happy day!

The Klippel Family said...

Hi!!!! It's Shauna!! I love the longer A-line haircut. The pixie cut is very fashionable but length is so fun too. Your daughter is so cute, so sweet. Take care-Shauna

pillingfamily said...

love the cut. very flattering... on both of you!

Shalantie said...

Uhhh ok I had NO idea that you cut your hair that short last fall! Where have I been? I like the A-line haircut best :)But you're always beautiful because you're always smiling :)

Julie J. said...


Meghan said...

I love the haircut! I'm a fan of the a-line, but the pixie is cute too!