We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Keep crackin' us up....

All of Sunday morning, Nathan's Marley-given-title was Ballet Teacher. 

She needs a dance class really really badly.

The way she talks....
(boy! does she love to talk!)

Lellow = Yellow
"I can't know how!" = "I don't know how."
"It's too har-ed." = "It's too hard!"
She says that anytime she doesn't want to do what we have asked her....like clean up.

She also adds syllables to lots of small words like:
Ha-ow = How
Da-yad = Dad
Kee-al-sey = Kelsey (her cousin)
Say-yam = Sam (her cousin)

"Shut it guys!" = "Shut up guys!"
Which we are not aloud to say and she has only said twice.

Anything that has happened in the past (no matter how long ago) happened:
most commonly - "last night"
but sometimes - "lasterday"

Phrases she has picked up from us/me....
"Oh my gosh!" (frustration or surprise)
"Sheesh ka beebee weesh!" (surprise)
"Chicken Fricassee!" (like a swear)
"Shickadance!" (also like a swear)
"Home again home again jiggity jig."(when we get home)
"Whatever." (with attitude)

She loves to talk about her dreams.
I started this.
I started asking her what she dreamed about before she even knew what dreams were.
But, she caught on fast and she loves to discuss them every morning.
Most of the time I think she makes stuff up...but, often I think she really does remember some dreams.

All week I haven't been able to find my summer slip on shoes.
So when we go out and wait for the bus, first I gotta get socks on and my tie up shoes.
(so inconvenient!)

This morning I found them!
They were being useful in Marley's little kitchen.

Can you see them?
 Yea, they're just hangin' out, holdin' felt fruit and scoops of ice cream.

I'm actually a little surprised she didn't pour water in them.
(she loves to get water from our fridge door dispenser and then play with it in her kitchen)

The End.


The Hungry said...

"lasterday" Love it! Love it all. So cute.

love you guys.

Julie J. said...

Ballet teacher? that is hilarious. Why Nathan and not you... He is pretty graceful. Marley likes to do dishes, so you should let her do the real dishes.