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Life is great!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Whoooo! Whoooo! Are you for Halloween!?!?!

 One feather duster was torn apart in the creation of this costume....but no owls were harmed.

 The hat was the trickiest part. We made it from a pair of sweat pants. The waistband is around her forehead. Cut one leg off and sewed it into the crotch seam. Then cut most of the other leg off and folded it back and stitched some ears. Not the best but not bad. I wish I made the ear stand up better before I took this picture. 
All morning we looked for spooky things to watch on youtube.
(the pictures of the spooky things on the computer were requested by the owl...
I couldn't resist her requests)
 Doesn't this owl have beautiful nails?
 She has a cute striped turtle neck that she will under the sweater tonight. 
Forgot to have her put it on this morning.

 Now she's all ready for school. 

After school we are trick or treating our street. 
Then we are going to the Soo to pick up dad.
Then we are trick or treating the downtown.
Then we are going to our friend Noel's house and having chicken calzones!
And then we are trick or treating Noel's neighborhood!
When we get home we will watch It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
(all the while eating/snacking on CANDY!)
Then we will crash into bed. 



My Everythings said...

SOOO CUTE! I love that costume. Happy Halloween!

The Wells said...

Supper Cute!!

The Hungry said...

Sounds like great plans. And the costume if darling! So clever. Have lots of fun!

The Klippel Family said...

Becky this is such a cute costume. Now I think you are super woman because you watch all those shows and make a costume? Amazing! So cute. Take care, Shauna