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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blogging Everyday This Month?

First off, I may or may not be participating in Nablopomo (National Blog Posting Month). Usually, I just randomly declare my own month of blogging (last May) but, this time I'm gonna give it a try during the official month ~ November.  I say, "I may or may not be participating..." and "...give it a try..." because I don't know that my schedule (or lack there of) and personal discipline (again lack there of) are devoted to it....and yet, my heart and soul may be devoted to it more than ever. 

At the end of the month if I blogged consecutively everyday, I participated...if not...I didn't.

Shall we start this beautiful November off with a controversy? How about a controversial confession?

At the risk of judgments from others and any misgivings I may have....out with it....

I think I'm addicted to television shows.

Here's my trusty line up of favorites: 
Biggest Loser
The Sing Off
Dancing with the Stars
The Office
Parks and Recreation
Warehouse 13
The Middle

Shows I just started watching this season and not sure if they will make the trusty favorites list:
Pan Am
Once Upon A Time

Shows I haven't figured out how to watch the current season of...but want to:
Iron Chef America

Netflix shows:
Drop Dead Diva (didn't keep up 3rd season because I had to watch it on mylifetime.com and that was too annoying)
Oliver's Twist (The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver, before he was the Naked Chef, he's so cute zooming around England on his scooter, buying fresh ingredients. Though I think I'm almost out of episodes.)
Downton Abby (My friend mentioned it on her blog...that she liked it...and then I saw it on Netflix...it's a BBC show and I'm not sure how their "seasons" work?!?! But I watched the first 13 episodes which I think was the first season.)
The Defenders (canceled)

Shows I choose not to watch despite their popularity:
Modern Family
Desperate Housewives

Here are my excuses (weak excuses):
I don't feel good ~ actually I am feeling better these days. (tomorrow, 16 weeks prego!)
I don't have the energy to do anything else.  (If I did anything else I'd probably have the energy to do more.)
I'm lonely when I'm home alone and watching tv shows makes me feel less lonely.
There's nothing else to do. 

A blog I read everyday quoted David O. McKay, "the greatest battles of life are fought out daily in the silent chambers of the soul."

I don't think my chambers are silent...I think they are full of fake people/characters and scantily clad women dancing the paso doble, (I love the paso doble) and other people getting their lives back.

Usually while I am sitting on the couch enjoying this entertainment my spirit is fighting back and saying, "What are you doing? You are more than this! Use the computer and the internet to develop your talents! To communicate! To enrich your life and family!"  Use this TIME to bless your family!

I talk myself into finding something else to do after this episode is over.  This is my last episode today...then I will....

Then I either find something else to do OR I find another episode to watch.

Television is a great battle in my life and I do feel that it is largely a battle within myself.  Nathan and I have talked about cutting ourselves off completely. And not having "tv." But, I feel like we basically did that by not getting any kind of cable. We do have Netflix and we do debate on whether to keep it or not.

I am hoping this commitment to blog everyday this month, though half hearted, will help me refocus my energies on more productive, more creative, more worth while things.

So, I want to open it up to you....either tell me:

What you like to watch?

What you do to fill your time and energy, because you don't watch?

Have you ever struggled with this same issue...what helped you to overcome and get a life of your own?


Any advice you may have....but you can't say "Get out and make friends!" unless you have specific people in my area that you would like to introduce me.

And please know...I do still take care of my family. I try to read the scriptures everyday. And I stay up to date on all my household and church responsibilities as best as a prego lady can.

Please comment away...I really want to hear from you!


Yuan Fam said...

I'm gonna use your post as inspiration. These are some great things to post about. So keep watch on our blog and you'll figure out the answers to all of your questions!! I love you and miss your guts!!

Sandy said...

There on only two on your list that I watch, Bones and Castle.

The Hungry said...

I just made some long comment but it didn't make it - so maybe it will show up later. Anyway - I could have written that post. ditto, ditto, ditto.

Maybe it is in our genes?

I haven't seen all of the shows you like but why I watch and how much time I spend watching sounds much like what you said.

I don't have any advice. I need advice.

I think I may take the post a day in November challenge.

Love you!!!!!

Emily said...

Yay! I'm excited to see what you do! Since you and your sisters are the only ones who read my blog :)

Meg said...

The interesting thing is...I have this battle about blogging/computer time.

But, I do love to watch TV. I just can't seem to stay up late enough to get through one episode of anything - I always fall asleep!

Anna said...

Rough stuff. I've gone through a phase like that. Probably the best thing I have done with my life lately is go for a long walk every morning. It really changes everything in my day, though I imagine that is easier here in Georgia where we are still wearing T-shirts than where you are...

I am excited you are doing NABLOPOMO!

Meghan said...

Okay, first of all, I LOVE Castle!! It's my favorite. I also like a few of the others you watch plus a few more. So, yes I think I am kind of addicted too... Funny, I really didn't watch TV that much, even just last year. But now I'm hooked to like 5 shows right now... :)

The Klippel Family said...

Hey Becky!!!! I love your post!!!!! I want to answer your questions....So I guess first off, Kirk and I decided to take away television out of our house about five years ago. So, we use our monitor for Friday night movie night with the kids and the occasional show Kirk and I will watch. Guess what?....Downton Abby is the best show ever!!!!! We love it so much. I can't say enough about it. It's intelligent (although anything with a British accent sounds intelligent sooo, I love the acting and the story line is great. We mainly only watch shows off the BBC network, through Netflix. So you think you might watch too much huh? Do you like to read? Does your husband watch with you? See I need to know some more details in order to help here...just kidding. Kirk and I have picked two nights that we will watch a show. The other nights are reserved for reading, talking, date night, whatever. We were in this same predicament, that's why we picked a couple nights verses putting kids to bed and then a show until bed. But believe me no judging here. I love your honesty and your being real, it says a lot about you. Hey the kids and I were looking at my wedding book and there you were! Do you remember you were in my wedding? That was almost thirteen years ago. I didn't know about this blog challenge, I think I can do it. Could be really fun. Talk to you soon, thanks for your comments on my blog.

The Klippel Family said...

Becky, sorry I posted a comment on the owl post too, make sure you see it. Shauna :)