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Monday, November 7, 2011

District Conference ~ A weekend away Part 2

 Part 2
The Highlights
(sad news, none of the these pictures are mine because I was too stressed out and pressed for time to take pictures)

Marley didn't fall asleep in the car until we were nearly there. So, we started to look for things that we could point out to her. There was a huge chicken on the top of a restaurant or something and the chicken looked very patriotic, much like this one.
I said: Marley look at that huge chicken! Do you see it?
Marley: Yes! That chicken is American! Ha ha ha!

Once we got to town and got our tires and ate we decided to forgo sightseeing since we didn't want to use the car except for necessity until we got it checked out.  So, we went swimming in the motel indoor pool. It was the weirdest pool I have ever been in. The bottom was canvas and it wasn't smooth or attached to the ground. Bubbled canvas. Sounds weird right? It was.  But the pool was clean and the indoor atmosphere was nice. There were three kids in the pool when we got there but they left soon after we got there, then we had it all to ourselves.

Not as weird as this though!
Who does this!

Traverse City has the world's largest pie tin. I really wish our family had climbed in and took a picture but not only was I too stressed & pressed for time to take pictures....it was also raining when we past this photo op.

Also raining for this one:
A giant angry bear!

OH MAN! The only picture I could find for this one is totally copyrighted. Just google it.

While Nathan went to Priesthood, Marley and I went to fill up the gas tank and search out a grocery store so we could buy some lunch stuff for after church on Sunday. We got some pre-made hoagie sandwhiches from the deli with condiments on the side (little packets), avocados, chips and drinks. We already had oranges and bananas.

We also stopped at Salvation Army and Goodwill and looked around. Got Nathan a birthday present ~ a twin bed frame. He is addicted to the instructables website and he has two projects that he needs the twin bed frame for. His birthday isn't til December but I couldn't hide the frame in the car so he already knows he's getting it.

We picked Nate up from priesthood and went right to Chili's. As we were walking in the parking lot, Marley and I walked through a handicap parking stall.

Marley stood on the head of the handicap sign and said, "Ha ha! I'm standing on my head!"
I said, "That is you?"
Marley said, "Yea! That's me on the toilet! Ha ha ha!"

Marley now knows that the handicap symbol is a person in a wheelchair not a person on a toilet.

After the adult session, Nathan was using the computer and Marley and I were snuggled in one of the beds watching TV. I was channel hopping and found America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV) my favorite show! But, also watching NCIS.  When Marley saw Tom Bergeron she said, "Is this Dancingy with the Stars?"
I said, "No, this is American's Funniest Home Videos, but that is the same guy that's on Dancing withe the Stars!"
We watched some funny clips until the commercial and then I changed it to NCIS. Eventually we were back on AFV, and when Marley saw Tom Bergeron again she said, "Is THIS Dancing With the Stars?" I explained again that no it's not but that is the same guy. It was funny! And since she is not used to channel surfing I could see how she was getting confused.
 Have I ever mentioned that I REALLY like Tom Bergeron? I do!

I hope I don't find Tom Bergeron in my weird and disturbing dreams tonight!

The End.


The Hungry said...

Would have been fun to see your own pictures but the ones you found are perfect! Is there a story behind the Angry Bear? Or is it a big stuffed bear lookin' all ready to eat you like?

Meg said...

Tom Bergeron is hilarious!

Meg said...

oh, and funny little tidbit...I was on a local (MA) talk show when I was about 6 and he was the host!