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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Primary Program Today!

I am the Primary President. 
I am learning a lot.

 I have one counselor, Noel Alexander.
Sister Alexander teaches the class of 8-12 year old children.

We have a great singing conductor who is also the pianist, Ranon Wilks.
Sister Wilks also teaches the class of 3-7 year old children.

We all go to class first.
Then we all come in the primary room for Sharing/Singing time. 
I teach sharing time and lead the music while Sister Wilks conducts the singing time from the piano (electric keyboard).

We have about 11 actively attending children in our branch.
I LOVE our primary children.

Here is Marley giving her part for the program (Prayer is reverent communication between God and me). And then singing the only primary song that she knows all the words (I Am A Child Of God).

Technically, Marley shouldn't be in primary or the primary program until next year, but our little branch has an interesting nursery arrangement right now so Marley has been going to primary since we moved here. Two other nursery aged children, one Marley's age and one a year younger also come to primary after one hour of nursery. It makes sharing time hard because we are teaching a 2 year old and all in between up to 11 years old. 

 In branches, you do whatcha gotta do!

How was your primary program? 

Were you in charge? 

Are you relieved it's over?


The Klippel Family said...

Becky! I loved your news clip-how fun!!!!

So you're the Pri. Pres.? That is a big job. I bet you are great for it. We did just have our program and it went well. I would say the only glitch was that the sunbeams were just standing on a platform in front (they didn't want them to have them go up the microphone for their parts), so when they said their part altogether you couldn't hear them they were so quiet.

I was not in charge, but I can see that it is a big job.

I'm relieved it's over but only because I have four children in Primary that had relatively big parts (writing their own talks, etc.) so it's good to relax now. But, it was my oldest son's last primary program! I can't believe it. He's going to be passing sacrament this time next year! Amazing! How did it happen?

Hope you are well and I've missed your comments...:) Thanks for all of your words. Take care,


The Klippel Family said...

Becky, also sorry for not mentioning this the first time, your daughter is altogether tooooo precious! Kirk thinks she is a doll. She had some darker features like your husband but she looks like you too. So cute. Shauna :)

The Hungry said...

I hope you'll tell us how the program goes. If it is anything like Marley's speaking part and singing it will be wonderful! and so precious.

I've been primary pres before. Programs are stressful - but they always seemed to turn out. :-)

Becky said...

The program went just swell. Only glitch(s) were two children were sick with the flu, so they did not come and I and my counselor read their parts. One child was a now show. Two others were late but they got there in time for the program. So, with only 6 children, two nursery age, there 5 minute before, I was kinda freaking out. But, it was fine. Also, after Marley said her part she did not want to sit down. She finally added, "I am a child of God. Name of Jesus Christ Amen."

I'm glad it's over.

eden said...

that video of her singing is just precious!