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Friday, November 4, 2011

Dear Mrs. Crawford

When I am pregnant I have THE MOST bizarre and often disturbing dreams.
Last night was not the case.
I was most warmly and pleasantly visited by my dear friend. 

Michelle Schulkins Crawford. 

I dreamed that she and her family came out to Michigan to visit us. 
We played Wii, but we don't have a Wii. 

Michelle do you have a Wii?  Did you bring it to my house? 

We had wonderful picnics on the beach. 
Lake Superior's beach, though in my dream it was more like the Pacific Ocean beach ~ Rio Del Mar.

We went to a lighthouse and after we were there touring it awhile we noticed there were huge black scorpion-like bugs on the wall. 
And one got in my hair and I grabbed it and threw it. 
Then we bolted outta there. 

Ok, it was still kinda bizarre and disturbing.
We also practiced Cued Speech, which in reality Michelle taught me and Nathan last spring.  
We were just as fluent as Michelle but in reality we still stink at it. 

We also went on beautiful hikes and played at the sand dunes.

Our kids had so much fun playing together. 
Our husbands got to know each other better.

Michelle and I talked about old times and reminisced about all the wonderful friends we had and still have and all the fun things we did growing up.

When it was time for Michelle and her family to leave, I didn't want them to.
Michelle and I kept talking and talking in our basement.

We don't have a basement and neither does Michelle so I don't know where that came from?

But Donny, Michelle's husband, packed up all there stuff and put it in their van. 
He corralled their cute children (3 in my dream, but in reality they have 2 and one on the way) and buckled them safely into their mini van. 
Then he came back downstairs and sadly said, "Honey, it's time to go." 

I gave Donny a hug. He's my good friend too, from growing up.
It was nice to see you Donny. 

And then Michelle and I embraced and said goodbye. 
Thanks for coming Michelle!
It was nice to see you!
Please come again soon!
Stole this from Michelle's blog. This picture was taken last spring. No likey my hair.


The Yuan Fam said...

I'm glad you realized the black bugs made it bizarre!! What a fun dream.

The Klippel Family said...

This a cute post Becky. I just realized you have two other blogs! Wow that's amazing. You look great by the way, you remind me so much of your mom. I miss her so much. She's always in my heart. Shauna

Michelle said...

Wow, well thanks for having me, so glad I could stop by :) I'm honored.