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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fireside at our house!

Tonight we hosted the branch fireside.

President Schemm spoke to us about Gratitude. 
Appropriate because of harvest time and Thanksgiving. 
It was a great talk and he said a lot of things that helped me remember all the many blessings I have been given. 
He spoke about 20 minutes. 

Then we had yummy refreshment. 

We chatted and laughed.

Marley was the entertainment, running from the kitchen into the living room and doing crazy jumps onto her bean bag. 

The best story teller in our branch is our Senior Elder, Elder Glenn. 

He told the most hilarious story about this guy that was stopped in the middle of the road in a snow storm, with semis on the road. Elder Glenn carefully stopped, made his way over to the car and was scared because all the windows were fogged up and the person wasn't moving, he thought the person had died. Elder Glenn started banging on the windows and yelling, "Hey, hey, are you ok?" The guy rolled his window down a crack and said, "I need help! I can't get my car to stop!" The guy's car was stopped and off, Elder Glenn was confused and said, "What do you mean?" They guy said, "I can't drive in this storm so I tried to stop and even turned my car off but my car won't stop!" And the guy pointed at the snow that was careening into his windshield because of the wind, making it look like he was still moving. 

President Schemm teasing the new missionary.
 Marley the Energetic.
 Rachel & Julie
 Our good friend Noel, Sister and Elder Glenn, Elder Waite and Elder Hoyt.

Aren't they the cutest Senior Missionary Couple you ever did see!?!

 Next time you are welcome to come!


The Yuan Fam said...

I wish I could come!!!

The Klippel Family said...

Okay that is a hilarious story-too much. That was great for you to be able to host, to serve and be served at the same time with good company and spiritual fulfillment.

Julie J. said...

You know I have been wanting to see this post! Your house looks so good, I don't picture you all moved into it, with stuff on the walls for some reason.