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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crummy Commercials...

One of my favorite movies is The Christmas Story...you know "You'll shoot your eye out!"

There is a scene in that movie when the kid gets something in the mail that he sent away for, a seemingly long anticipated decoder ring! He listens to the radio to get the code and then locks himself in the bathroom to use the ring to crack the code. It's an intense scene! He is sorely disappointed when the cracked code turns out to be, "a crummy commercial!?!?"

We don't watch very many commercials because on Hulu there are only about 2 commercials per break.  But, we do watch the same commercials over and over.  Not very many commercials but also no variety.  It's ok though because we like the majority of the commercials we are stuck watching.  Granted the nonmajority we LOATH.  But I'm not going to show you those.  Just gonna show you our favorites. And yes you can say, "She's posting crummy commercials?!?"

We'll start with Marley favorites:

#1 favorite

 I think she loves the music and the baby!
Two funny things she has said while watching this commercial:
"Is that OUR baby!?!"
And when the baby is on the road with the cars:
"That baby is tricky!"
Nathan says,
"Do people even use those baby walkers anymore? And who would take one to the Grand Canyon!?!"
I just think that is stupid use of that technology.
Who wants relatives printing pictures and what not on their printer?

#2 favorite

Again I think she likes the music.
Marley figured out that all of those were supposed to be bars of soap.
I think her favorite one is the brain.
FYI: We use Dove in our house.

#3 favorite
She loves the song and the birds.
That's it.

Nathan's and my favorite:
Love the thumbs up, "You're good!" 
The scream and the slow-mo laugh while the car spins out of control with Mayhem on the outside!
So funny!
A whole family favorite:
A full grown man in a child car seat acting like a naughty Mayhem child.
I love how Mayhem looks at the camera like, watch this!
Marley doesn't purposely make messes or throw sippy cups from the back seat but she does say, 
Even though I have said "What?" just as many times as she has said, "Mommy!"
I think EVERY kid does that at some point.
FYI: We do not use Allstate.

What's your favorite commercial?
And do you use that product?


eden said...

robot daycare -



eden said...

that was my first time posting a link in a comment. so... i should have given it a different title, but click on 'youtube' and it'll take you right to it.

Sandy said...

i love the babies talking about stock trades.

Becky said...

Ha ha! Eden that robot daycare one is hilarious. There is one to click on after and it is an "out take" and it's funny - a parent teacher conference with the robot.

Mom, I like those etrade babies too. I haven't seen one in a long time. I'm gonna go see on youtube.

The Hungry said...

So funny! I like the ones you shared but i'd never seen the soap one before.
Robot day care is now a favorite ;-)
And we've always loved Mayhem's "Emotionally Compromised Teenage Girl"
I like the e-trade babies as well - "A milka what?!"

Becky said...

Ha ha ha! I hadn't seen the emo compromised teenage girl! Hilarious!

Yes, I love! "A milka what?!"

Yuan Fam said...

Oh my gosh!! I LOVE any of those mayhem ones. Awesome!!!

Emily said...

My boys totally love the happy baby in the walker one too. I think it's the only one I've actually seen since it's on hulu....

THIS is by far our favorite :)

Becky said...

Oh my! Emily! That one IS hilarious! The child actor was good! No facial expressions and you still knew he was frustrated. Very cute and cool!