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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"...to satisfy the little devil in all of us!"

Ha! Nathan's Grandpa was asked to be in a Doritos commercial submission for the Super Bowl. 

I think my cousin Andy submitted a Doritos commercial last year? Or a couple of years ago? 
It was hilarious! But, I remembered having a hard time finding it.

So, I got VERY specific directions on how to find the commercial with Grandpa Russon. 

Before you click on the link to watch the commercial you must be warned! 
Grandpa Russon just celebrated his 90th birthday and he is  
I don't think he has even a little devil inside him, but the commercial is pretty cute, because of Grandpa and funny because of what he does to get some Doritos.



I have to continue to tell you about Grandpa Stanford (Stan) Russon.
Isn't Stanford such a cool name?
He has a beautiful wife and eternal companion, Teresa, or Grandma Russon.

I don't know all the details of their lives but I know enough to tell you....
they are very faithful Latter-day Saints.
They have spent their lives building a legacy of faith.
They have dedicated their lives to perfecting themselves and helping others along the way.
They are dedicated to redeeming the dead through temple work and and spreading the Gospel through missionary service.

They are HARD workers.
They still live in their home. They still cook and clean and care for themselves.
They continue to host large family events.
Grandpa never stops moving and always has a large garden and a beautiful yard.

They have traveled A LOT!

They never stop learning. They are always reading!

Grandpa is a record keeper.
He has published a family history book of his Martineu ancestry.
He has also published his own personal history which is in two volumes. He has given a copy to all his children and grandchildren. They are treasures and include lots of pictures and wonderful details of significant personal and family events.

He is ALWAYS learning new ways to place his text around his pictures on the computer.
For his age he is very technologically savy.
Always memorizing how to replicate what his grandchildren teach him on the computer.
He just got a new computer!

They each served a mission as young adults.
Grandma served in Mexico and Grandpa served in the Central States, mostly in the south part.

As a couple they have served 4, yes FOUR missions:
New Jersey
Puerto Rico

In Switzerland, I think, they worked in the temple and Grandpa was/is a sealer.

He has married and sealed MANY of his grandchildren in the temple, on their wedding days.
Including me and Nathan.
It was the most beautiful sealing I have ever attended.
I hope everyone says that about their own sealing. ;-)
Ours was so personal because Grandpa sealed us.
He shared beautiful truths and personal insights that I continue to be touched by and reflect upon.
I am so grateful to be part of the Russon family and be a grandchild to Stan & Teresa.


Lilianne said...

That video was AWESOME. I'm still laughing! What cute man!!!!

Emily said...

Loved the commercial!! Awesomeness!!

The Hungry said...

Funny. Very sweet post.

The Klippel Family said...

Becky, that was hilarious! On another note you are so blessed to have these people as the inspiration they are! They are good people for all of us to emulate. I love your post.

The Klippel Family said...

Hi Becky, me again. I also wanted to tell you something...I really appreciate your comments on my blog. Thank you. I also wanted to say that I try to create positive posts that are uplifting and fun. So I am a happy mother and wife but blogs can be tricky because they don't necessarily portray complete reality. So life is good, but we have our hard days and kids can bring vast frustration as I'm sure you know. Just thought I put that out there.....Thanks for your comments, it's fun to read them. Take care,Shauna

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Tiffany said...

That commercial is awesome!
I love reading your blog!