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Thursday, November 3, 2011

I love avocados & turkey?

I know.
For those of you that know me really well you're saying,
"No, that is a typo! Becky DOES NOT like turkey!" 

It's true I don't like turkey 99% of the time. 
I especially do not like Thanksgiving turkey. 

I've blogged about this before,
and my brother-in-law, Matt said I was unAmerican. 


I DO love turkey and avocado sandwiches.

This love affair started when I was a wee lady...ok, 11-ish.
My family moved to California and shortly thereafter I was introduced to the best sandwich shop in the WORLD. 
Really! I think Togos is the best in the world!
(please note I have not been many place around the world)

  • #24 Turkey & avocado  Quintessential California. Fresh Haas avocados piled high on slow roasted turkey

Other sandwich shops where I have gotten a turkey and avocado, they totally skimp on the avocado...which is THE BEST PART...since, you know I don't like turkey. 

But the great think about this turkey is you can barely taste it and its texture is perfect with the avocado. Oooooo and the onion and tomato and mayo...and pepperoncinis and a little salt and pepper, equals THE BEST SANDWICH EVER!

A close second is JJ's (Jimmy John's).
Their logo brags "World's Greatest Gourmet Sandwiches"
and I can't argue with that...they have REALLY good sandwiches and they do not skimp. 
And they deliver!
To your house or work!
But not to ours.

But when it comes to turkey & avocado this is what they have:
Fresh baked turkey breast, provolone cheese, avocado spread, sliced cucumber, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, and mayo! (It’s the real deal, and it ain’t even California.)

And it's good...but you can only get it on their sandwich bread...NOT offered on a hoagie roll. 
I find hoagie rolls much more filling and thus satisfying.
I did ask TWICE (different times) if I could get it on a hoagie roll and both times...no, sorry.
 That was at the same location too...so maybe at a different location? 

Anyway, my point is...I love turkey & avocado sandwiches. 

Since we have neither Togos nor JJ's....

I'm sad. 

We have THREE Subways. 
And they TOTALLY SKIMP on the prepackaged avocado (gross!)
 Don't even bother with avocado there. 
Go for the heart attack and get the Spicy Italian. 

We went on a little trip last weekend (posting about that another day).
On that little trip I made myself a turkey and avocado sub and it was SO good.
It is on our dinner menu for this week!

I'm not so sad.  

PS - avocados are a decent price right now. I had an avocado with my lunch on Monday AND Tuesday. 
And we just got 6 more at the store. 
Prego girl HAPPY!

PPS - we also got one pomegranate at the store.  It was $1.18...didn't think that was a very good price. But, I had to get one because I like them, and my mother loves them and she would get them for us when we were kids. 
AND my Aunt Kathy posted a Vimeo video from POM showing an easy way to get the seeds out. 
I'm going to try it!


What is your favorite sandwich?

Do you make it?

What is your favorite sandwich shop? 

Is there a food you absolutely don't like 99% of the time? 


Sandy said...

I love Togos too. #9 Hot pastromi, and we used to go up to Salt Lake to get them, but now they are no more. California here we come. My first one was by the Pruneyard in Campbell. They were the best.

Becky said...

They used to have one in Sandy. Is that one gone too?

Emily said...

Yes, I believe the one in Sandy is also gone :(

Okay, so I have to agree with all the Togo's stuff. LOVE Togo's and I'm so glad I'm back in Cali and can have it!! Subway is so lame. They charge just as much as Togo's and give you like a tenth of the stuffing! I refuse to go there, unless it's like an emergency.

And my baby loves avocados and guacamole. I think I may buy another bag on my trip to Costco today.

99% of the time, I dont like burgers or hot dogs. But I get a craving for a Big Mac now and again. I think I like them because they dont really taste like a hamburger?

Anna said...

It's 7:30 in the morning and I just read your blog and now I want an avocado and turkey sandwich.

Yuan Fam said...

I'm right there with you regarding almost your entire post! I love love love the #24 at Togos and I don't make it very often bc avocados have been so expensive. But perhaps I'll have to make it soon.

Let's see here...99% of the time??? I'd say I don't like Thanksgiving turkey just like you but I can do deli turkey any day of the week. So I'd say 12% of the time I don't like turkey. Fresh/raw onions I don't like 99% of the time. I only like purple onions in Shirley Black's chicken salad...which we are having for dinner tonight!!!

The Hungry said...

Togos #9 And now I think I need to have one. I don't have them very often.

The first one I had was with Claudia and Mark in Santa Cruz. Yum, yum.

I've never tried to make one.

I do have a funny/sad story about the #9 that involves your dad. Maybe I'll blog about it if I haven't already. I need to look back to see if I have.

Peter and Amber said...

The #24 is the best!! I probably ate one every day for 3 weeks with my last pregnancy!

Madison said...

Well now i want Jimmy Johns since there is no TOGOs here :( there was for a while but it is gone!

pillingfamily said...

i like hot pressed sandwiches. yum.
think left over roasted turkey with havarti and left over cranberry chutney pressed on a panini grill. mmmm.
"but the great thing about this turkey is you can barely taste it". awesome.

Tiffany said...

i have a JJ's my be and I am too poor to go there unless I have a good enough reason like if my good friend Becky and her cute family came into town to stay and sight see in DC. OK? :)