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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

They call me The Leech...

"They" are my family. 
What can I say? I love to hug my family. 
And sometimes I don't like to let go. 
I have always been this way...I was born this way.
It's my nature.

And I'm a GOOD hugger (my dad taught me! more on that below)
so it's not like a punishment!...
depending on how you look at it.

Nathan didn't find out I was a leech until after we were married. 
I think because all engaged people are leeches to each other in one form or another...or in all forms...hugs, cuddling and especially time.

One day after we had been married for a good amount of time I was hugging on him at my sister Julie's house and I wasn't letting go.
My sister walked by a few times and rolled her eyes at my happy face and clenched arms.
She gave Nathan looks of sympathy and understanding.
She finally said, "You didn't know when you married her that she is a LEECH?"

Nathan found that title gross and yet a perfect description.

Appropriate for describing me and my weakness or strength...
depending on how you look at it. 
But, when you think about it, leeches ARE gross!

It's better than the tick! GROSS!
The Boa Constrictor. 

No, actually I do like the boa constrictor...
that sounds way more glamorous than the leech!

I am going to apply to change my title. 
Speaking of titles...

My sister Julie's title is...

The Red Dragon!

Doesn't that sound cool? 
I think so. 
But, it references her red hair and her temper.
Do Not make her mad. 
She has simmered down over the years, but still. 
My sister Liz's title is...


No that's boring and it's just because that goes with Elizabeth. 

She has been known as...

The BiPolor Bear. 

She can be moody. Mooooood swiiiiings. 

My brother Peter...

has been known as....

Unkie Skunkie.

Unkie is for Uncle. Skunkie is because boys stink and he is the only boy and we like to tease him. 

I don't think he likes this title.

When he was young...like three he called us Shum-shums.
One day someone asked him what that meant and he said, 
"Ugly sisters."

If I were to give my mom a title it would be....


The Generous Crab. 
She is ALWAYS willing to help her kids in any way she can and she can be VERY generous. We have ALL lived with our parents at one time or another, AFTER we were married. She got a new washer and dryer last Spring so me and Nathan could have her old ones. I thought that was VERY generous. She has also been generous with her time. As we were growing up she made every effort to be at and support us in our activities. I know that's part of a mom's job but, not all mom's are so generous or supportive.

She can also be very crabby.

My dad...


The Sensitive Teddy Moose.

He is sensitive to a fault sometimes. He gets his feelings hurt pretty easily. But, he usually comes around and shakes it off. Eventually. 

He too is very generous...but I couldn't fit that into his title.

He also loves to hug and not let go. He's a good hugger and that's where the Teddy part comes in...like a big ol' teddy bear. He is the one who taught me that there are different kinds of hugs. The side hug...for people you don't really want to hug. The back slapping hug....which mocho guys usually do. The close friend and family hug...where your right arm goes over the other person's left shoulder and left arm goes under the other persons right arm. That's the best hug for squeezing and not letting go. And the awkward hug, unless you're married and like to hug like this...(which I do)...woman hugs man's waist and man loosely wraps his arms around woman.  That too is good for squeezing and not letting go.

His name is Bruce and that rhymes with Moose.

So maybe...

Bruce the Moose, The Sensitive Teddy! 
Is that better? 
Too long? 

Well, if you feel left out and you want a title...just let me know. 
If you have a title and you'd like to apply for a new one...go ahead.

From now on I shall be known as....


glamorous and fierce!
better than a blood sucker.


Sandy said...

great names. Of course I don't like mine.

Nathan said...

I have to leave a comment or the leech won't let go of me tonight. What is more life threatening is that Marley has to be involved now. Group hugging, has gone to a whole new level.

The Hungry said...

Love group hugs!
I love your family!!!

Today's Gift said...

You are a good hugger! I can attest to that- evidence? http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=68287717576&set=t.12464146&type=1&theater

The Klippel Family said...

Okay first I have to comment on that little video clip "mission impossible" hilarious!!!!! I was dying! Did you catch "spend time with your children who have emotional problems." Killing me, so funny. I like that video, its great but oviously it's a satire about our culture. So having said that, we do what we can right? And some things are more important than others.

Your most recent post is so cute. I will now think of you as the glamorous Boa Constrictor. I love what you said about all of your sweet family members. xoxoxo Shauna

The Yuan Fam said...

I love all the nicknames!

The Wells said...

I made a comment yesterday, but it is not here anymore. Fine.