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Friday, November 18, 2011

First Snow Fall of the Winter....

Fridays are exciting!
Today is my 18 month doctor appointment!
In two weeks we get to find out what we are having...a boy, a girl, or an alien...er, wait, no.

Last Friday was our first snowfall of the winter, as you know from my glam on 9&10 News. 
But here's the good stuff.

Nathan had the day off last Friday. 
It was wonderful!

Marley couldn't wait to go out and play in the snow. 
She lay on the floor while I tied her boots and and I thought she looked a little bit like the kid all bundled up on the Christmas Story.
(ignore the mess around her)
Wow! A Winter Wonderland!

Marley insisted on building a snowman. 
Dad gets started.
Marley tromps through the snow and asks me to take pictures of her foot prints.
Half way there.
The awesome face, which included eye brows.
The rock face wouldn't stay together though. 
That little ball on the top is the hat that Marley made.

Just won't stay!

The snow queen on her throne.
Eating her favorite delicacy. White Snow.

 After Marley went to school that day, Nathan and I spent nearly all four hours cleaning and organizing the garage. 
Now the Black Pearl is safely harbored in the garage. 
Safely hiding from the snowplow. 

While we were cleaning I got snagged to do the news piece.
All because Marley wanted a snowman and Nathan built it.

Have a wonderful Friday!!!!


eden said...

you said 18 month appointment...

i think you mean 18 week...? (:

looks like a fun snowy day!

and *thanks* for your Christmas song recommendations! i'm excited to get the entire list put together. if you have anymore, send them my way! (:

The Yuan Fam said...

I think you had a wonderful cameo on the news channel. Once the snow sticks here, I'm sure Maya will want to go play in it.

The Klippel Family said...

That looks fun Becky. It's getting chillier here in San Jose and we've had some rainy days. Kirk and the older kids are always excited when it rains here because that means snow in Tahoe which means Snowboarding!

I'm so excited for your day to find out about baby! Congrats on this bundle of preciousness. And I'm so glad it's your 18 week appt. and not your 18 month appt! I don't think you would be so happy if it were otherwise! hahahahaha Shauna

Today's Gift said...

Lucky for you to have snow! Here in KY it's been in the 50s lately. So excited to find out what you are having in two weeks!