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Life is great!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Family Dance!

Last Wednesday Marley didn't have school because that night her school had a 

When that smoke machine would come on there was a mad dash!
Marley and I have dance parties together quite often. 
We love to dance!
I was blind sided by the fact that Marley wanted NOTHING to do with us.
She just wanted to dance with her friends and her teachers.
I am 99% sure she is asking that little boy if he likes her dress.
It was like our 3 year old was a teenager already.
If she saw that we were near she would bolt in the other direction.
"Where's my mom and dad? I have got to keep them at a cool distance!"
This is the little girl that Marley sits by on the bus. 
They became fast friends when school started and they spent a good portion of the night dancing together.
I don't think Marley has ever seen anyone break dance before, she is a natural though.
She loves to dance on the floor, spinning, kicking, and twisting.
And splitting.
"Hurry! Get up! The smoke!"

And at the end each kid got a new hat and mittens. 
I think Marley picked the coolest hat!

On the way home we hear from the back seat,
"Guys! I'm sorry I didn't want to dance with you. I just wanted to dance with my fwiends....
but, you're still my fwiends."



The Hungry said...

Oh my goodness - she really said that? So funny!! What a fun night.

The Klippel Family said...

Precious! That is so cute that she had the presence of mind to say that at the end of the night! She is so cute! Becky, she is dark like her dad but she really looks like you too. So pretty. Love, Shauna

Madison said...

Oh my goodness that is the cutest ever!!!!! We definitely know she got your love for dancing! Oh I miss those days! I was noticing the same thing as Shauna she really looks a lot like you! Thanks for sharing!

Sandy said...

Last night on the way home NPR was interviewing two guys from REM and the break up. They were talking about how they wished they could have hair does for their act but all they had was good music. Hah.