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Thursday, January 26, 2012

By Popular Demand....

Finally got some excellent pictures of me preggers. 
And I mean excellent! 
(not really, but they'll work)

 We've taken some but everytime we do Nathan doesn't think I look pregnant in them. 
That's because I'm usually in sweat pants and a big t-shirt.
I know I should get dressed more often.
But, I do shower everyday so I don't feel bad.

Do you think my face looks fuzzy?
Nathan said the camera kept focusing on my bust or belly. 
I wonder why?
 Can you tell the difference between this next picture (below) and the next?
 Any difference?
You guessed it, hand and arm position. 
Which hand should go on top and which hand should go on bottom, 
to accentuate the belly of course...
 NOW we're talkin'!
 Below is the best one!
A little modern dance/vogue.
I don't know how to do either so I'm surprised I pulled this off so inspiring-ly.
 Went to my Dr. appointment yesterday morning...just before these pictures where taken. 
This is what I looked like when the Dr. said I am 28 weeks!
 I know I'm bad. I haven't been keeping track of what week I am. 
And yes I was surprised I was so far along. 

Yes, I took this weirdo picture before I had any reason for it.

I wish I didn't get deoderant on my shirt.
I wish I had make up on. 

Oh well. 
What can ya do?

Ok! Ok! I'll start keeping track of what week I am.


Julie J. said...

hooray! I've been waiting for some pictures like these. You look more pregnant this time than you ever did with Marzipan. What a cute little pregnant lady you are!
Now we need a blog about that fancy light aparatus next to you in the pictures... Are you growing anything illegal?

Julie J. said...
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Kathy said...

That was fun! And though I didn't notice the grow light I've noticed it now and I'd like to know what's sprouting as well.

Meghan said...

You look so good!

Christina said...

You look great! I finally came back to blog-dom today because I was thinking about you last night and I miss you.

Shauna Klippel said...

So fun to see you pregnant! And it's good to see your face! You look great and 28 weeks is getting pretty close. Take care,


Natasha and Jesse said...

Yay, you look good, Becky! I definitely like all your poses. You're just 12 weeks ahead of me :)