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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Marley!!!! You Goonie!!!!

Yes, I let my daughter watch
I'm pretty sure I watched Goonies everyday starting around her age. 

She doesn't watch it everyday though...not yet. ;-)
I think she has only seen it a handful of times. 

Yesterday, while we were making dinner, she was talking about a movie we have, one that she wanted to watch.

"You know that movie that the guy is in a red coat and he drops the bottle?"

I had no idea what movie she was talking about so I tried to coax more clues out of her, but I couldn't.
A few minutes later, after we had moved on to other topics she randomly said,

"Hope it wasn't my fozit bottle."

Though she got some of the words wrong, her tone was accurate and I instantly knew what movie she was talking about. 

I told her we could watch it tomorrow.
(which is today)

Her favorite character is Chunk.
"I like him. He has cwazy hair like mine!"

Cyndi Lauper is on the tv for a couple seconds and Marley asked if I could do her hair like that. 
Funny because at the time, her hair already looked like Cyndi Lauper's. 
In style...but not in color.
And I'm pretty sure she was hoping for Cyndi's color.

Other parts she really likes:

When Chunk smashes is pizza and shake on the window and the shake splashes his face.
When Troy is on the toilet and gets shot up into the ceiling and then slammed into the ground.

The line the Goonies say together at the same time of Troy's mishap is often used in our family:
"Let's get out of here! Like NOW!!!"
Mostly after we've been in Walnast too long.

 Her second favorite character is:
"Hey you guyys!"
"Sloth, you're gonna live with me now. Yea, I'm gonna take care of you. Cuz I love you."
"Sloth love Chunk."

Marley: "Can we get a Sloth?" 
I just laughed and asked, "Marley love Sloth?"

One of her least favorite parts:
When Chunk is being interrogated by the Fratelli's.
Looks traumatic to a kid but it's hilarious!

Did you know that there really are two versions of The Goonies and one really does have an octopus in it?
I saw it once when I was babysitting!

"No pen...no write...no SIGN!!!"

I think I would love to live in Astoria, Oregon. 
Check out their site
Doesn't it sound and look beautiful there?
Right at the mouth of the Colombia River and so close to the Oregon coast!
They even have a Goonies page and June 7 every year is Goonies day! 
Check out the Youtube at the bottom of that page.

Ahhh. I love that movie.


Shauna Klippel said...

Okay this is hilarious. You're daughter is very big in her little body for all these comments and observations, so cute.

Goonies, yep remember it very well. Didn't watch it everyday but I've seen it a few times.

I'm dying over that comment about her hair. So Funny!!!

Great Post,


PS. I looked at the Oregan site, I could definitely live there. I'm probably only a small percentage of people that could live with that weather and love it. I love the rain so much. It's my favorite. My husband says I would get sick of it, but I don't think so.


Kathy said...

What a crazy movie! And a bunch of crazies who love it. Again, I think these sorts of things kind of run in the genes.

Love you guys!

Natasha and Jesse said...

haha you know, I've only seen Goonies one time! Now I want to watch it again.

Not sure if you'll get my response to your comment on my blog so I'll write it here too...I think the belly band I have is called Be(e) Band or something like that...

Oh, here's a link to it: http://bematernity.com/beband.html

I know there is a brand called BellaBand as well. Don't know if you have one in your area, but Target sells something similar (and that's where mine is from) or it's online too.

I hope you find one! It's really nice, because it can be worn during all of the pregnancy and makes regular clothes last longer.

Julie J. said...

Hey You Guys! So funny that she wants a Sloth.

Julie J. said...

P.S. I would never want a Sloth because he smells like phys ed. Yuck!

Shauna Klippel said...

Becky, this post is so funny. You're daughter is so big for her little body with all of her cute observations, comments and "wants" (ie. a sloth) hahahahahaha. Hilarious, seriously.

I could definitely live in Oregan. I think I'm a small percentage of people that would love to live in that weather. My husband says I would get sick of the rain, but I don't think so.

Take care,