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Life is great!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yea....yesterday was kind of a big deal....

I turned....well....anyway....
It was my birthday!

Check out the cute cake Nathan made me!
He got the idea here. And then he improvised on some of the design elements. 

 It's a sushi roll!


More specifically an Ikura Sushi roll! 
 I have only had Ikura a couple of times and it was pretty good.
 But not as good as this cake!

Don't lick the toothpick after you put the food coloring in the frosting. 
 Even if there is frosting on there, food coloring tastes gross!
 Not to mention you're left with a VERY green tongue.

Happy Birthday to me!


Julie J. said...

THAT CAKE IS AWESOME!!! Oh, and Larley looks possessed in the fifth picture down as well as the second to last one... Did she learn that from her time with The Red Dragon this summer?

Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday!! Nathan did an awesome job! I totally miss your guts. Why oh why can't everybody I love live in the same town? It would be so convenient. :)

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Very fun cake!

pillingfamily said...

yes, happy birthday to you! i knew it was a sushi roll the second i saw it. awesome. looks like it tasted good too. hope your day was fabulous.

Shauna said...

Becky! Happy belated birthday. That is a great cake if I've ever seen one. Your husband is very sweet and creative, very nice Becky. Miss you!

Your baby is so big and is soooooo cute. The time does go by...

Shauna xoxoxoxxoxoo