We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sometimes We Regress

Sometimes we like to hold the baby....while standing.
(pay no attention to the mess in the background)
 Sometimes we try doing our own hair.
And sometimes while we are holding the baby while standing we change our hand position so much we start to loose hold and have to pop our knee out to help.

 A lot of times we like to dance.

 Sometimes this makes baby feel much bigger. 
 Sometimes we like to lounge in the laundry basket.
 Sometimes we just HAVE to be in the picture too!
 Sometimes we regress.
 Sometimes we take naps.
Some more than others (Marley IS NOT asleep).


(Did you know we went on vacation for OVER a month! We're back! More posts to come!)


Kathy said...

Yay! Looking forward to the catch up.

Love you all!

Julie J. said...

She is so funny! And I can totally see on Isaboo's face that she feels grown up while standing with Marley. Too cute.

Michelle said...

I love your swaddled babies- too funny!!!

Sandy said...

Isabelle is getting so big.

chelsea mckell said...

ah! the double burrito binky pic - TOO MUCH! super sweet.