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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Where can I buy this?

I was looking for all kinds of food and drink pictures online, for Primary Sharing time, when I stumbled upon this picture!

found here not sure who actually took the picture, might be my coney
"Snack tray from Nutella comes with three compartments filled with bread sticks, hazelnut chocolate spread and iced tea. "

Iced tea. No thanks!
Shouldn't it be milk?  
Or better yet, chocolate milk! 

Thought that was gonna be heaven in my hand...guess everything earthly has to have a flaw. 
Iced Tea?!?

Still, where can I buy this?...with chocolate milk!


eden said...

not sure, but my co-worker gave me one that was just the breadsticks and the nutella. i'll ask her where she got it if i remember... (:

eden said...

or... buy it from amazon of course!


The Yuan Fam said...

Sometimes, in Rexburg, the aisles of the walmart checkout area have them. Look there...there's all kinds of treasure!!

Pedey @ Do You Smell That!!? said...

Our Walmart always has them with the candy bars right at the check out - minus the tea. It's just the breadsticks & Nutella for $1.48. I just bought 3 on Saturday!! LOL

Kathy said...

claire says she's seen the breadsticks and nutella - but she doesn't know where she's just knows she's seen it around. Oh - more info - she's probably seen other people eating them and then she said "maybe I've only seen it on pinterest"
Yay pinterest, broadening my daughter's virtual life experience.

Shauna Klippel said...

This is so funny. You are totally right on about the milk...ice tea? So interesting? This is awesome. :) Take care,


Shauna Klippel said...

Becky!!! Where are you? I am trying to get back to normal and blogging again. Hope you are well. I miss you and think of your family often. take care,