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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Are You A Morning Person?

I am. I have a hard time staying up late. When I do, I usually have a headache for most of the next morning. I guess it usually depends on for what reason I am staying up. The reason usually does have an affect on how I feel the next morning. It's even harder to stay up late while pregnant.

Something usually wakes me up right about 5:50am. I go back to sleep until about 6:10 and then get up and get ready. I don't like the sound of random noises waking me up so it's nice that my body or my eyes or something just wakes me up in the morning. And it's nice that it's pretty consistent on what time. However, today whatever that thing is that wakes me up....hoodwinked me!

Although it is much harder to get up and get out of my warm bed during the winter months...Today, I got up an hour early without realizing it. I got up, got showered, got dressed, did my hair, did my make up, harassed my husband who was still trying to sleep, etc. I even looked at the clock about 6 times during all of that and didn't realize!

Then when I was all ready, I woke Nathan up, so I could tell him I love him and tell him goodbye. He looked at me? He looked at the clock? And then looked at me again..."Are you going to work early today?" I looked at the clock, studied it for a moment and then rolled my eyes. How annoying! I layed on my bed for a minute and then decided I'd make myself an nice breakfast and then just go to work early and try to MAYBE get off a little early.

My husby is definitely a night owl. He's not grumpy in the morning though...not to me...even though I lay on him and harass him, and try talk to him, which means he has to open his eyes so he can read my lips AND I have to be right in his face so he can see my lips. However, I think he might be grumpy to others...

The first time I met his sister Jill, she managed to ask him, "Are you still really grumpy in the morning?" He just looked at her like, "What? Me? Grumpy in the morning?" and then that look quickly changed to a very similar look, "WHY would you bring something like that up, randomly, in front of my girlfriend?!?!" I thought it was pretty funny!


Julie J. said...

You are a freak of nature! Who does that? I feel really bad for Nathan right now.

Jeanna said...

Don't feel too bad. I am a morning person too, not quite as extreme as you....But I do harass my husband and he is a night owl so sometimes that doesn't work out. I try to tell him that it is a godly thing when you are a morning person. He just rolls his eyes, turns over and goes back to sleep until way past the very last minute to wake up.