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Monday, December 10, 2007

Self Appointed Vending Machine Inventory Observer

My first year at BYU I had a ritual before my Book of Mormon class. I would go to the Spencer W. Kimball Tower (SWKT) vending machines, purchase a fudge bar (yummy cool treat, zero fat and only $.50), and then go to the Joseph Smith Building (JSB) and eat my fudge bar while I studied for my Book of Mormon quiz. That was THE ONLY vending machine ritual (habit) I have ever had.

The thing I've bought the most from vending machines is WATER (besides those two semesters of a fudge bar every Monday, Wednesday and Friday), when you're thirsty and there are no decent sources of water around...you just gotta get a water from the vending machine....if it's a dollar or less..it is SO worth it!

As a personal rule/decision I don't really eat from vending machines...oh sure I've bought the occasional candy bar or soda in those times of desperation, that I'm sure we have all experienced at times. But, in general, I try my very hardest to avoid buying food from vending machines. The foods in vending machines are usually high in fat and in most cases the food costs 5-10-15 cents more in vending machines than in the store.

Despite this personal standard, it does not keep me from visiting the vending machine at work at LEAST twice a week. Let me explain....

We used to have a really stupid vending machine at work. It only had about ten choices of food (candy or chips) and about 4-5 choices for soda and they were in the can. Not much variety and you could not see how many of the items where left. There were display chambers that showed you what was available but, the inventory was unseen. What it if you were debating on buying that bag of chips? And after much pondering and weighing of the fat content against the desire to crunch on something salty you went to purchase them and BAM!!! GONE!!!

The up side was that it was maintained by one of the employees wives and she got everything at Costco and so the prices were reasonable (comparable to deals at grocery stores, etc). The downside of THAT...I imagine the items where sold out a lot. She only came once a week and with how many people that work where I work...I can't imagine there wasn't much left when she returned to restock.

Well, that employee is no longer working here and shortly after he left, they got their crappy vending machine out of here. We had no vending services for about 2-3 weeks. I don't know what customer service did!?!?! I think they are the major consumers of the vending machines (not based on scientific data...just observance when I have been in the break room and seen whomever is buying from the vending machine). During that 2-3 weeks of no vending machine...

I WISHED so badly that I had money to go buy two vending machines. I'm convinced that if I had that money and my company allowed me to be their vending service....I could have worked only 2-3 days a week and been making the same amount of money...I could quit my job!!! But, I wouldn't quit my job because then I wouldn't have medical benefits but, I'd have a second income, equally as good as my current income...if not better!!!

Now we have TWO vending machines with an AMAZING amount of variety!!! Not maintained by me!! Dang!

But, back to my comment above: Despite my personal standard of not eating from vending machines, it doesn't keep me from visiting the vending machine at work at LEAST twice a week....

I am The Self Appointed Vending Machine Inventory Observer. I really enjoy just going and seeing what's in there. I like to keep track or see what runs out first....you know...what are the popular items!?!?! Items change places though...so you have to stay on top of regularly observing. I used to report this information to my supervisor but, she had a baby (on maturnity leave) and she knew me well enough to know that I'm not crazy just curious.

It's not an easy job. It takes great dedication (regular observance) and self control (sticking to my standard). One week they had my most favorite chips, Miss Vickie's Jalapeno Chips (spicy, crunchy and no transfat!). Lucky for me, they went fast, a popular item...I'm not surprised. Also, lucky for me I only had 60 cents and they are 75 cents. They ALWAYS have those little Coconut Crumb Donuts that come in a little package of six donuts. If I was a consumer of vending machine products....THOSE donuts would me my number one purchase...the first purchase of everyday. But, again, lucky for me I'm not a vending machine consumer and again, only have 60 cents and they are 90 cents. (over priced!!!!)

Anyway, I guess you could say I'm obsessed with observing the vending machine and refuse to ever buy the high fat, over priced items therein. I guess my obsession may really lie with people...and what they like to consume.

I am also the self appointed Time Clock...but, that's a whole nother story! (Is "nother" a word? Wow!)

Wow! I could not find a picture of the Coconut Crumb Donuts but, I found this recipe I'm going to try in the VERY near future! Check it out, if you like the Coconut Crumb Donuts!



Jeanna said...

That is hilarious, and crazy. I myself eat from the vending machines at school way too much. I don't want to brave the crowds at "the wilk" so I get something stupid from the machine. Why don't I just pack my lunch? It would taste better, be less expensive and lower in calories and fat. Laziness, in the extreme. You are my inspiration, I am going to vending machine food immediately. Water only, if that. (since it costs 1.10).

Julie J. said...

Yo! If you're not going to buy the crumb doughnuts for yourself, could yo buy them for me? I love those things. I eat them on every road trip.

Jeanna said...

This love of crumb donuts explains a little piece of Sam to me. I remember taking him in my car once and him wanting the crumb donuts. Its official, the love of the crumb is inherited from the Alger side.

Now if he was asking for bear claws, we know where he would have gotten that from. :)

Adam & Sarah said...

I remember buying Famous Amos cookies from the vending machine at my work. MMMM... the BEST cookies and vending machine purchase in the WORLD!!!! I also remember being prego and wanting Twix bars something FIERCE, and after buying them discovering they'd been in the machine for MONTHS and the caramel was rock hard inside. Such a disapointment.
Strange how much conversation a discussion about vending machines can bring about, wouldn't you say? And I must tell you, Becky, of all the people's blogs I read yours is definitely the most entertaining!

Buzz said...

I have never heard of crumb doughnuts. They sound really good. Sounds like a big sugar rush. Try some Buzz Bites.