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Monday, January 11, 2010

Solar Thaw

As I went to pick up Nathan from his first day of school, I heard on the radio that today Lincoln experienced a solar thaw. The sun melted some of the snow and ice. I knew this was going on because our living room experienced the solar thaw as well. It was wonderful.

Solar thaw....those two words brought warmth to my heart! Sadly, that comment was followed by, something like, "As the evening turns to night, all the slush will freeze. Drive careful out there!" So, it's not spring yet, but I'm grateful the warm sun came out to play today.

Marley was in her room playing by herself from 2pm to 4pm. She was supposed to be taking a nap and even fell asleep eating her lunch but, she has something against taking naps in her bed. Whatever. Since she fights to stay awake even when she is so tired, she passes out pretty soon after she is strapped into her car seat. Marley was asleep when my heart was warmed. But, it's ok, she warms my heart all the time. Like on our way to get Nathan she was rocking out to Evacuate the Dance Floor with me...and she initiated the rocking. Love that! (even though she may or may not have been rocking out just to fight sleep).

Since Marley fell asleep my wonderful husby and I talked in the car while she slept. We did that a lot during his winter break. It felt like we had all the time in the world. The sun shone in my face and across his face. I envied his full and naturally curly dark eyelashes, as I have many times before. He told me all about his day. He got to add the class he wanted and he thinks it will be the best class of his whole graduate school experience. NO PAPERS!!! The teacher is loud and boisterous, but not annoying. The teacher is passionate about his specialty, which is soil and he loves to sniff it (I liked to hear about someone else's fetish with sniffing, for once, I have to sniff everything!).

Solar Thaw....if I ever have a band, our name will definitely be Solar Thaw.


Julie J. said...

We had a solar thaw here too. The sun shone all day, but it was still fooshnicken cold. I felt the suns warmth only while in my car with the greenhouse effect going on. It was so sunny I even bundled up the munchkins and we walked around the block. Emmy, Kelsey, and Reed in the stroller. It was fabulous.

Jeanna said...

I like the name of your new band....now what KIND of music will you create?

I was in my basement ALL day yesterday and when I went out at 3 to pick up child #1, I was blinded by the light....I literally had my hand up to shield myself from snow blindness! :)

The Hungry said...
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The Hungry said...

I'm happy for all of you and your sunshine yesterday. I hope you have more soon.

Corn Husker said...

Yesterday was perfectly lovely. I only wore 3 layers of thick clothing, and no hat, and I was only a little chilled. It gave me hope. If I'm not allowed to join your band, maybe you'll let me be a groupie. Either way, Solar Thaw is a great name.

Natasha said...

I like the name and I'm glad you had a solar thaw. My roommate teases me about sniffing everything too. Funny!

Lilianne said...

What a sweet little post. I hope the sun keeps shining!!! Here's to an early spring!