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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year & Decade!!!

I have been secretly hoping that all the pregnant women I know who are due or nearly due would have the first baby of the new year and decade. Is that weird? I don't think so.


Nathan's brother Adam is a new years baby...not the first, that I know of, but his birthday is today. Happy Birthday Adam!!! (I don't think he reads our blog, we better call him!)

I am big on making new year's resolutions or goals for the new year. We make a couple of family ones and usually accomplish at least one.

I have had the same new year's resolution for the past two years and I have accomplished it above and beyond both years. I set out to read at LEAST one book a month and read at LEAST two a month both years. Time to up the ante? Maybe.

This isn't an announcement or anything but, one of my resolutions this year is to have another baby (not pregnant and not trying yet). Can that even be considered a resolution? I guess not. But, if I'm going to accomplish my "new decade" goal of popping out another 5 babies...I gotta get started! Okay, I may or may not have a decade goal of 5 more babies, but I did figure out that if I have a baby every two years I could have 5 more before I'm 40. Nice to know. (it's math, I know!)

Marley's resolution/goal for the year:
"....potty train myself." Okay, those weren't her exact words but, we're her parents and can interpret her meaning better than anyone. High pitched, "PoTTy!" equals, "This year I am going to potty train myself."

What we did for New Year's Eve...in case you are interested.

We went to the Youth Stake Activity from 10AM - 3PM. It was fun! My favorite part besides the amazing and inspiration DVD from The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, was soccer with a balloon tied around your ankle.

We drove around and found some cache locations but no caches. Stinkin' snow! We never learn.

Upon returning home, I blogged, which took FOR-EEEE-VER!

Fed Marley some leftover baked ziti and put that rascal to bed.

Made our New Year's Eve feast, which included a lot of hors d'oeuvre type foods. Nathan's favorite - little smokies. Becky's favorite - crackers with cream cheese smothered in tiny shrimp and cocktail sauce.

Then we played three games of Pirates of the Caribbean. Becky won two out of the three. Booya!

Then we chilled for a bit. I called my mom and woke her up 10 minutes before our New Years and 1 hour and 10 minutes before hers....party pooper. Nah, I'm kidding, she's a grandma, she's got rights!

After midnight we heard some fireworks, said "Happy New Year!!!" to each other and kissed. Then we fiddled around on our laptops. One of the things we found to watch was the CBS preview for Under Cover Boss. The first one preview was about the CEO of Waste Management and it made me totally cry. I want to see that show! The premiere will be right after the Super Bowl...I hope they post the episodes online! But, CBS isn't the friendliest site when it comes to posting episodes, so I guess I won't get my hopes up.

We also watched the first episode of ABC's Flash Forward! I'm hooked! I even started a notebook to try to figure out the intense mystery!

Happy New Year! We love you all!


The Hungry said...

Love you too - Happy New Year! Good luck on your new year goals and resolutions.

Evans party of four said...

Happy new year! I like your resolutions! So awesome! We're gonna try to potty train Mara starting tomorrow!

Brian and chelsea said...

Good luck with the potty training!
And baby making ;)
And book-reading (you worm)

And seriously.... by having so much fun on New Year's Eve, you're making the rest of us look bad. Once you reach parenthood you're supposed to be boring and go to sleep by 10.

Adam and Sarah said...

I'll have to tell Adam that you told him Happy Bday on your blog! Way to remember to call him. ;) just kidding... I reminded him and reminded him that we needed to call Nate on Nate's bday and what did Adam keep saying? "I know. I'll do it in awhile." And before we knew it the day was over. ha. Silly Freitas boys.