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Life is great!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What do you think? Should we go check it out?

This fall we had some friends over for some homemade pizza and then we decided to go check out a park across town, to which none of us had been.
Pioneers Park.

It was unanimous! It's a beautiful park!
And look what we found there!
A big platform with two wooden plank slides.
We slid down on our butts, but we imagined these were created to be starting points for sledding down the big hill during the winter!
It was fun with no snow.

We left, looking to the future when we could return and play on them in the snow!
We still haven't gone. We have no sled and since we got stuck in Mahoney park we are apprehensive to drive all the way across town just to find it's a bust!
What do you think? Should we go check it out?


The Hungry said...

That looks like it would be very fun to sled down - but that would be a worry to get stuck. Love the new family picture.

The Wells said...

Yes! Go check it out. You might not be there for another winter.

Julie J. said...

You totally should. Just look at Marley's face in those pics. She would love it. YOu HAVE TO!

pillingfamily said...

yes! go check it out. you can never go wrong with sledding.

Natasha said...

Yes, definitely!! It looks so fun!

rache b. said...

check it! but i'm always up for an adventure :)