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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Thoughts - Quite Random Actually

My "one last thought" from my last "Sunday Thoughts" was, "Have you ever sat in front of the Cowardly Lion in church? We do almost every Sunday." Some of my faithful followers requested I explain.

There is a kind and gentle elderly fellow that we sit in front of at church. He actually has a very beautiful singing voice that pretty closely resembles the Cowardly Lion on the Wizard of Oz. I'm pretty sure there has been a Cowardlly Lion in other wards I have been.


I am constantly reminded that Marley watches everything we do, but today in church she was literally watching EVERYTHING we did and then trying to do it.

She has been pretty good about folding her arms for prayers for awhile now; however, she loses interest pretty quickly and goes back to whatever she was doing. So, I have started telling her to close her eyes too. Attention span for the prayer increased about .2 seconds, but it's cute to see her cross her wrists (folding her arms) and then slam her eyes shut only to squint them open and close multiple times.

For the Sacrament prayer, I told her to fold her arms and close her eyes and she did, but then squinted to look at Nathan, who was rubbing the corners of his eyes with his thumb and index finger so she started doing that. Funny, and increased the prayer attention span .2 more seconds. She is up to .6 seconds!

She seemed to be having a problem with her sock inside her shoe, so I pulled her up on my lap and pulled her socks up as high as they would go and then folded them down. She loved that and then started pulling her socks up and then trying to fold them back down. Over and over. She has the hardest time folding them back down.

I had one arm folded across my torso and my other elbow resting on that hand, My other hand was at my face, with my fingers at my forehead and my thumg by my chin. Marley tried to mimick my position and it was hilarious. With her thumb on her chin, her fingers don't quite reach her forehead so she kept alternating which she would touch.

After the meeting the family in front of us stood up and the mom looked at Marley. Marley put out her hand so Sister Waite shook it and Marley had something very appropriate it say as they shook but none of us knew what it was. It was really funny.


We used to go to church at 1pm and now we go at 9AM. I already LOVE going at 9AM better than 1PM. Booya!


Have you ever taken a Love Language Test? Nathan and I took one in Sister Pulley's Institute class. This was before we were even dating and we both admitted later that we both tried to see what the other was marking. Ha! Young love [sigh].

My Test Results:
Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
Receiving Gifts
Acts of Service
Physical Touch

Two more things about Marley.
#1 She just went poopie in the potty. I saw her in "the stance" and grunting so I rushed her to the potty and kept telling her to push it out in the potty. I tried this once before but she had already gone. This time, I was demonstrating how to push and she kept laughing so I thought she was just going to play around, but I soon heard some plop plop! She has gone pee pee in the potty 4-5 times because I put her on anytime she asks. I tell her to make tinkle in the potty and she loves it! She doesn't always go but she tries. We have a big dance party in the bathroom when she does. This was her first time pooping! I think we should get her some little undies!
#2 She keeps coming over and giving me and Nate reverence lessons...right now, in our living room. She makes me stop typing and makes Nathan stop reading. She folds our arms and puts her index finger to her lips and says, "shhhhhshhhhhshhhhh." What a cutie pie!
The End.


The Hungry said...

The great observer! That is so cool she is so interested in what you are doing that she tries to do the exact same thing. The thumb and finger thing - so funny! And yeppie on the potty progress. (Hey, we're 9am church too and I love it!)

The Wells said...

Good luck with the potty training. I HATE that part of little people. We are still working on that with all of our kidlets - ok not all just some.

And we have 9 am church too!

Anonymous said...

We just got switched to 9am church too and we are so happy. 1pm church is just way to messy with young needing-a-nap kids.

Natasha said...

How adorable. Marley seems like quite a character! My branch is still at 1pm (it didn't change).

Julie J. said...

We went from starting at 11 to starting at 1... Yesterday was brutal!
Your love language is Physical Touch... We don't call you the leach for nothing. My love launguage is OBEDIENCE!

Katie said...

OH i wish Avery would go in the potty. She always asks and then she sits for .2 seconds and says, "Done!" and when I go to put her pants back on she yells and says, "NO, momma, NO!" and sits back down....grr how do you do it!

Adam and Sarah said...

What's this Love language test thingy? The link didn't work. And I'm super jealous of your 9AM church. As much as I hate not getting to sleep in a few minutes extra on Sundays I would much prefer the 9AM to our new 1PM schedule. Blech! I think 1 is better for Landon, but not for Amber -- no nap. She acted fine, but I wanted a nap. And if Amber ain't nappin', ain't nobody nappin' (except for Landon).

Whitney said...

Haha, obedience! Oh Julie... Since everyone is postin their church time... Ours is still 8. it's nice at 11:15 when I can crawl back into bed. but the night before and the morning of is Brutal! Yay For Marley.