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Monday, February 15, 2010

Got to pick a pocket or twooOOOOOO.....

Our electric bill has been a little over $90.00 for two months in a row.
For our tiny little two bedroom apartment!
We are SO very ready for this cold cold winter to be over.
Dang you Punxatawny Phil!!!!
PS - post title is a song from the musical Oliver. In case you were wondering.


Jeanette and Jason said...

Ours has been over $250. It's insane and it must stop. Unfortunatly we can't freeze in order to protest. :)

Brian and chelsea said...

whooooaaa... that IS a lot! Especially for an apartment. I wonder if your windows aren't sealed well?? And - your heat is electric? Is your gas bill high too? Our gas bill is like $70/mo and our electric is about $25/mo. They switch in the summertime when we use AC - the gas bill gets way low and the electric bill goes up. But at least during the summer you can open windows at night to reduce the AC bill. During the winter... there's no way to keep warm besides paying for heat! Though I try to plan meals that include using the oven, so I can leave the oven open afterwards and take advantage of that heat! :)

ps - I'm impressed you spelled Punxatawny correctly. I totally would've had to look it up. And it still looks weird.

Becky said...

Chels, we only have electric...just one bill. So, I guess an electric and a gas bill combined equals our electric bill.

But, I do agree, it is much easier to improvise on cooling the apartment than it is heating the apartment. We too try to plan stuff to bake and use the oven...but, it's still using electricity...less than the heater, I don't know? But, at least we get yummy bread AND heat from the oven, right?

ps - Punxatawny is one of my most favorite words/names. The first time I wrote/typed it I did have to look it up, but it has stuck with me because of my love for it. Whoever came up with it was a name creating genius.

Jeanette - Yikes that's a lot! But, at least you have a house to show for it! Mine will probably be that big, someday, when I have a house.

Becky said...

I agree with you. I am SO ready for warm weather...Or something a little warmer than FREEZING!!

BTW, we do need to get together. You name the time and place and we will be there!!

Anonymous said...

I never understood why we listen to a...whatever it is...in order to keep Winter or have it be Spring.